Community Roundup 4/21/2017

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re back with another community roundup. Community roundups highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals stuff, from the lowliest memes to art of the highest order. Or maybe that should be, “from the lowliest art to memes of the highest order”? Anyway, read on for some good stuff spanning from Rivals videos to trap music.


Here’s a cool sketch from ZomboGrub of Abyss Zetterburn looking appropriately evil. Definitely don’t want to get hit by that downStrong.

Tandori made top 8 of CEO Dreamland last weekend, and GenkiGoth Studios (in the artist alley) made him this awesome spray canvas to celebrate.


Samantha took this picture of the original Rivals pins that NekoCrispy made. They were also selling these at CEO Dreamland but if you want to pick some up for yourself now, you can get them on their etsy store here:

/u/boawboaw built this giant Maypul in Minecraft. They also put together a Wrastor sprite which works perfectly since 1 block = 1 pixel. Will we see any other Rivals stages or characters in Minecraft in the future?

Everyone knows Kragg is a baller, so /u/Conga-Heli made this to remind us of that feeling you get when you chain 6 side B’s.


DolphinBrick is back and looking as good as ever. Here he’s worked up another Orcane video that sheds some light on Orcane’s tricky recovery. DBrick’s video is concise, well-made, and there’s no way you won’t learn something from this even as a long time Orcane player.


If you missed CEO Dreamland, Jarek4Gaming has got you covered. He put together another great highlight video from last weekend that covers some of the best games from the event if you don’t want to watch all two days of VODS.


jtbs and Troy L. have taken one of flashy’s songs in a new direction, and it’s turned out pretty sweet. Definitely not a genre you see Rivals being sampled in often.


QueenMeteor’s put together a new arrangement of one of my favorite tracks from the OST, Lightning Pandemonium.


This clip tells the sad, sad tale of Kenneth’s Orcane. Thinking he’s won the battle he instead finds himself in one of Kragg’s insidious traps…


Here’s Menace13 putting the pain on JFMHunter. Poor guy just can’t get out :(


That’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments any of your favorites that we missed, and make sure to give the creators some props.

Guest Character Reveal but on April 1st

Hey Guys,

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting news about new characters joining the Rivals of Aether roster. As we have teased in the past, the first character post launch will be an indie guest.

We are extremely excited to share that we will be reaching back to one of the greatest indie games of all time – Cory in the House for the Nintendo 3DS. This critically acclaimed game was inspired by the hit anime Cory in the House.

Cory has so many different talents in the series and in Rivals that is no different. He will be bringing his quick wit and humor along with his unique ability to bring down the house like no one else can.


We know that there was a ton of speculation about who the first guest character would be. We are excited that Cory was definitely a favorite among Rivals fans destroying characters like Shovel Knight and Hyper Light Drifter in the anonymous polls that we ran.


I know you all can’t wait to get your hands on this fantastic character. But you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer. Perhaps when hell freezes over.

**Disclaimer: This blog post is satire. Rivals of Aether is in no way affiliated with Cory, Disney or the Disney channel.**

Launch Week Community Roundup

Hey everyone,

Etalus here with the first community roundup post launch! Community roundups highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals stuff, from the lowliest memes to art of the highest order. With our steam release there has been a flood of Rivals art and awesome community creations, making it quite hard to pick just a few.  Read on for our favorites in categories that range from music to best launch bugs.


Some regal Zetterburn art from LineShark

LayMayMayKing Rivals Babies

Adorable new born Rivals by reddit user LayMayMayKing

Adam Carra’s amazing tale of two friends just playing some video games.


Toko’s remix of the lonely tower


NyxTheShield’s remix of the main Rivals theme

Story Mode


ERR40 breaking top 100 on fursthest wave

Congrats to ERR40 for being the first to break 100 on furthest abyss wave

fmpf Orcane

True statement by reddit user fmpf

Here’s RiskyCB crushing the boss in 39 seconds back before anyone had a time under one minute.

Jorane CSS

Jorane’s version of the character select screen after playing Story Mode

Zam showing off his route for Zetterburn’s story stage 4


Best Bugs

LuNoX finds that that Absa’s stage has water resistant platforms.

Atma carefully lays a puddle after respawning, which apparently has other plans and decides to leave him when he needs it most.

Let us know in the comments any of your favorites that we missed, and make sure to give the creators some props!

Rivals of Aether Full Release on Steam

Happy PC launch day everyone! As of 9AM this morning, Rivals of Aether has officially left Early Access on Steam.  We’re incredibly excited as the full release brings a ton of new content, polish, and ways to play alone or with a friend. For those of you not familiar with our game, YouTube sensation Adam Carra will introduce you in the following instructional video. For the rest of you, let’s go over what’s been added to the game as well as what to expect for the future of Rivals.

Version 1.0.0: New Modes and Content

In addition to bringing the long awaited single player modes, the full launch today also packs in plenty of extra collectibles and polish. Content changes this update include:

  • Story Mode
  • Abyss Mode
  • Leaderboards
  • Currency / Unlockables (New skins, custom color slots, and more)
  • Collectible Steam Trading Cards / Badges / Backgrounds
  • New Music (stage music, victory themes, menu music)
  • Achievements

Preview of the Rivals backgrounds you can unlock for your Steam profile

Steam Backgrounds_v2


Balance Changes

Now that we’ve left Early Acess, you can also expect balance changes to taper down. Early Access was the perfect time to experiment and get feedback, but now you most likely won’t see changes unless things are being shaken up heavily (e.g. something like a roster addition).  Here’s the balance changes for patch 1.0.0:

  • 1.0.0 Maypul Root not destroyed by hitboxes. Damage 6 > 5.
  • 1.0.0 Kragg Nair Hit 2 knocks up isntead of out.
  • 1.0.0 Kragg Fair angle changed from 35 – 40.
  • 1.0.0 Maypul lower Usmash hitbox reinspect. (only 8 pixels wider)


CEO Dreamland Seasonal Colors

The seasonal colors are back and this time the Rivals are sporting CEO Dreamland styles. Join us in Orlanda, Florida or watch online and support the stream as Rivals makes its first appearance at CEO.  If you’re also interested in playing Rivals at the event, now’s a great time to register as the devs are covering 50% of the entry fee for new players plus a copy of the game.

What’s next for Rivals? Xbox One Launch, Abyss Versus Online, and more

That’s right, just because we’re released doesn’t mean we’re done. First, now that the PC version is out we can focus on Xbox. We’ve got some extra requirements for console as well as things like skin codes to figure out so we’re expecting the Xbox launch to happen sometime in May. We also have our eyes set on making some additions to the game that have been heavily requested by fans. We would put these together as a patch 1.1 for both Xbox and PC. Here are the top ones on our list that we’d like to get out in the next patch:

  • Enable Abyss Versus Online
  • Replay Improvements (Pause, fast forward)
  • Keyboard Control Improvements (C-stick functionality)

We hope you enjoy the full launch. Let us know your favorite parts of story mode or abyss and what you’d like to see most in future patches of Rivals in the comments below.

Thank You to all of our Early Access Players!

It’s no secret that Rivals wouldn’t be where it is today without our players and awesome community. We’re still amazed and humbled every time we see art, videos, tournaments, articles and streams about our indie platform fighter.

As a thank you to everyone who’s purchased the game and our players who have helped us grow, we’re adding a special piece of DLC for everyone who bought the game in Early Access. Introducing the Early Access color set that applies to both your Steam name and your favorite Rivals:

Profile with EA Color Set

This DLC unlocks the old school Gameboy color set for every Rival, and also gives you a colored name you can use online to show off your EA status. The Gameboy colors are a throwback to one of Dan’s earlier smash games, so we thought it fitting that the early adopters would get the OG palette from before Rivals was cool.

Players don’t have to do anything to get these, they’ll automatically be attached to your account when the game comes out on Tuesday. Everyone who gets the game in Early Access will receive this so you technically still have some time to hop on the bandwagon if you want a chance to use these in game.

EA Color Set

These colors have special properties that can’t be recreated in the custom color menu.

Thanks again to all of our players, we hope you’re as excited about the full launch as we are!

Rivals of Aether Custom Controllers Now Available from Controller Chaos

We’re proud to share today that Controller Chaos is introducing an exclusive line of Rivals of Aether controllers. Fans have been requesting these for quite some time, and now thanks to Controller Chaos that dream is a reality.

You can see what some of these hand-painted masterpieces look like below and get one for yourself on If you pick one up make sure to add a comment here or tweet us a picture of how it came out with any customizations you made.

View on Controller Chaos

From Controller Chaos’ site:

Crafted by hand and 100% unique, each design is in a limited run so get them while you can! Our exclusive “Build Your Own” feature for the Xbox and Playstation consoles allows you to easily customize color options throughout your controller such as thumbsticks, buttons, and LEDs. You can even go one step further by adding a “Chaos Tag” like your name or a special graphic! 



Making the Jump from Early Access to Full Launch

Rivals Launch Questions

What exactly is happening March 28th? What does it mean to me if I already have the game? How many questions fit in this header?

Hey everyone, I’ve been seeing a lot of questions lately about what the full launch means for Rivals of Aether, especially with people already feeling like they’ve been playing the full game for quite a while.  Whether you’re fairly new or a seasoned veteran, there should be plenty of changes coming that interest you.  As a reminder, if you’re a player who has already purchased the game during Early Access, you’ll automatically get the full version of the game on 3/28 through Steam.  Read on to find out some of the things that will be included with that version next Tuesday.

Single Player

Our single player modes are getting the bulk of the updates for launch.  More than just story mode, this means all kinds of features that give the game a high level of polish and players a chance to have fun offline in a non-competitive environment.


Story mode starts off by digging into the background and relationships between the Rivals through traditional arcade style fights. Once you’ve began to uncover the mysteries of Aether you can jump into Abyss mode.

Abyss mode is where things start to get crazy, letting you play cooperatively with up to 4 people and advancing through waves of different challenges and enemy types. You and your friends will jockey for experience points to level up your Rival so they can equip powerful runes that augment their attacks. You can also take these leveled up Rivals into Abyss versus and compete directly against your friends.

In addition, these modes will all have leaderboards, so you can climb to the top with the best times in story mode or the furthest waves in abyss.


Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things you can look forward to in single player:
Steam trading card

  • Story Mode
  • Abyss Mode
  • Leaderboards
  • Currency / Unlockables
  • Collectible Trading Cards / Badges
  • Music (stage music, victory themes, and more)
  • Achievements


Even though the core multiplayer mechanics for Rivals haven’t changed in a while, this update will still shake up competitive play. For starters, the stage count will be increasing from seven stages to eleven. We’ll be implementing a neutral and counterpick system to accommodate the larger stage list and also raising the bans from one to two. We’re excited to see which stages are most popular in tournament play.

Tempest Peak

For launch we’ll also be doing a ranked ladder reset. This means on the 28th, everyone will be reset to 1000 ELO. The old ladder will still be memorialized on Steam (Ralph OP), but this gives all of the new and old players alike a fresh start. We’ll also be implementing seasons (which will each last 3 months) so the ladder doesn’t get stale.


Lastly, people have asked about it, but I wanted to confirm that the RCS (Rivals Championship Series) will be back for a season 2. You can look forward to more regions, bigger tournaments, and a new points format. Rewards are in the works for the new ladder seasons and RCS S2, but I’ll save those for a later post.

All of these things (and a few others) will come together for our launch on 3/28. Even if you’ve played the heck out of Rivals in Early Access it’s definitely going to be a great time to share it with your friends who haven’t played yet as the game will look and play the best it ever has.

To see all of the new gameplay above in action, make sure you tune in this Sunday to our pre-release party on at 12PST/3EST. We’ll be doing a summit style event – playing different games with Washington locals and a few out of state guests.

We look forward to seeing you all online on launch day!

Final note: If you were hoping for additional characters at launch you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer. You can keep speculating for a few more weeks before our first is revealed ;)


Rookies of Aether – New Player Promo at CEO Dreamland

With CEO Dreamland coming up soon, we’re kicking off a special promo for just $5 that makes Rivals registration a sweet deal for new players at the event .

Registering for Rivals of Aether any time from today until the end of registration gets you:

  • A copy of Rivals of Aether for PC
  • 50% discount on Rivals event registration (the dev team will cover the other half!)
  • Entry into a raffle for a custom Rivals of Aether GCC from Controller Chaos

With the full launch for Rivals of Aether just two weeks away this is the perfect time to get into the scene. We’ll even send your copy of the game shortly after you register so you have a chance to practice and get a chunk of that CEO Dreamland prize pool.



Our pot bonus is also still growing and is just $10 shy of $1,000 at the time of this post.  We’re helping to grow that prize pool with our CEO themed stage skin for Rock Wall, the first alternate stage art for Rivals. You can pick it up for a limited time in the CEO Dreamland compendium.



We’re super excited to be a part of the first Smash specific CEO event and can’t wait to head down to Florida and play. Hope to see you there!


New Alternate Stage Art – The CEO Ring

CEO Dreamland is coming up soon and we can’t wait to head to Florida to play. If you’re unfamiliar with the CEO series, it’s a huge fighting game tournament with a wrestling theme. Top players even have their matches in the middle of a wrestling ring. This year organizer Alex Jebailey is showing his love for the scene with his take on a platform fighter/brawler specific CEO event – and that’s where CEO Dreamland comes in.

Since Rivals will be a main event at the tourney we wanted to show our support with an awesome stage skin you can pick up in the compendium right now – The CEO Ring.

Full CEO Ring alternate stage skin

 This stage skin replaces the Rock Wall with brand new art, animations, and even has a remixed version of the Rock Wall theme music by flashygoodness.  The majority of the funds also go straight back to the players as a pot bonus for the Rivals bracket, so it’s a great way to support the community.

If you’re able to make it we’d love to see you at the event, so make sure you stop by the Rivals area and say hi! Stay tuned for more announcements this month including the full launch of the game on PC with brand new game modes, stages, and more.