Rivals of Aether Community Forecast

Hey everyone,

We want to share a few announcements today regarding Aetherboards and where we’re focusing our community efforts during 2017. Read on and let us know what you think of the news.


We will officially be retiring Aetherboards at the end of this month.  With the full game launch on the horizon we want to focus our community efforts and meet you where you’re most active.

You don’t have to worry that closing Aetherboards will make it harder to get in touch with us. We have quite a few popular hubs that we frequent that are also teeming with players. Check out the communities below if you want to discuss Rivals or find players.


Rivals Discord Splash Screen

Our discord server is a great place to find opponents and meet other players.  It’s growing exponentially, and just this week we were selected for the official discord partner program. This means we get a few perks to buff our awesome community like VIP voice servers, custom invite screens, a sweet partner badge, and a couple other extras to make us stand out.

A big shoutout to all of our players who call the server home, Zam who founded it and the rest of the mod team who keeps it from being buried in memes.  We’re just shy of reaching 2k members so hopefully we’ll reach that milestone soon. Discord is also home to a bunch of other great Rivals communities like the RoA Academy, NCS Tournament server, EU Rivals, and too many more to mention. Check out the #rules-and-about channel in the main discord to find your way to the other discord servers.

Official Discord Partner


share this link to invite your friends



Rivals of Aether Subreddit

Most of the dev team are redditors so you’ll definitely be able to find us over on /r/RivalsOfAether.  Our sub normally has the most up to date news and events and looks beautiful to boot with a custom Rivals design by /u/kenxftw.

Steam Forums

Rivals Steam Forums

Our Steam forums have always been active and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. With Aetherboards leaving the picture, we’re taking this opportunity to reorganize the Steam forums and bring over some of our useful posts from Aetherboards. We’ve recently added subforums and our news and announcements will continue to be cross-posted in Steam News. If you’re a lover of traditional forums we hope you’ll make the move over to Steam.

Xbox Clubs

Rivals of Smash Bros Club

Xbox players are always welcome anywhere, but if you’re looking for an Xbox specific group then check out some of the Xbox clubs on your console or the Win10 app. Just search for “Rivals” and it should give you a list of the top ones to join. Our favorites are the ‘Rivals of Smash Bros’ and the ‘Rivals Competitive and Casual Club’. There’s tournaments, LFG, clip sharing, and more.

Other Channels


Wrapping it up, I don’t want to leave out the obvious social networks but also don’t think you need an example of what Facebook is at this point ;)

Rivals Facebook/ Twitter / YouTube / Twitch

We’re always keeping a watch over all of these channels and make a point to answer your questions and help troubleshoot issues. You can also contact us directly at contact@rivalsofaether.com. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you online!


Love is in the Aether – Valentine’s Update 0.15.9

Edit 2/24/17: This patch is now available on Xbox One with all of the 0.15.9 features and additional 0.15.10 hotfixes! This post has also been updated to reflect the 0.15.10 changes (listed with a 0.15.10 hotfixe note).

Rivals of Aether Valentines Day Patch 0.15.9

Hey Everyone!

Love is in the air today, even in the world of Aether, and we’re back with our second update of 2017. Now you can grab your best friend or lover and hop online to battle against other players! We’re adding several cool additions this patch (including team battles) which have long been a requested feature. We’re also tweaking the balance after our amazing Genesis 4 tournament as we gear up for the full launch on Steam next month.  You can find the major features in patch 0.15.9 below. There won’t be very many more updates before 1.0 now!



Teams Showcase


Team battles are here! You and another friend at your computer can now play 2v2 online by going to Online > Team Match. If you’re comboing alone this Valentine’s day you can also play with a CPU partner (we’ve programmed them to be extra romantic this patch). This mode is in beta so please make sure you let us know about any bugs/issues you encounter so we can get them fixed up.

 Steam Profile Info


Steam Profile Link in Rivals of Aether

You can now view the profile of your opponent with a simple press of a button under their name on character select. This will open up their profile in a separate browser window. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, this will make it way easier to add a friend and keep playing with them if you’re enjoying an opponent you found online.

Seasonal Skins


Valentines Day Skins Rivals of Aether

The Genesis 4 seasonal skins have been rotated out to make room for Valentine’s Day skins and the entire cast is looking extra lovey-dovey.  If you’ve ever wished the world of Aether had more fluorescent animals, then this is the update for you. Read on for all the fine details on character balance and engine changes.



  • You and another friend at your computer can now play 2v2 online by going to Online > Team Match.  Note – this mode is in beta so please make sure you let us know about any bugs/issues you encounter so we can get them fixed up.
  • The Genesis 4 seasonal skins have been rotated out to make room for Valentine’s Day skins.
  • You can now view the profile of your opponent on Steam by opening up their profile page in a browser with a simple press of a button under their name on character select. This will make it easier to add a friend if you enjoy playing with someone.
  • Hitstun duration is now slightly more dependent on weight. Lighter characters will have a few more frames of hitstun, heavier characters will have less. The change is fairly minimal, so don’t be too worried.
  • 0.15.10 ASDI can now be performed with the right stick (takes precedence over the left stick)
  • 0.15.10 ASDI strength is now 10 (was 8 in 0.15.8 and 14 in 0.15.9)
  • 0.15.10 Fixed a bug where characters wouldn’t go into parry stun if they landed while being boosted upward
  • 0.15.10 Random Stage Option added to Invited Team Matches.
  • 0.15.10 Bug Fix: Stage Striking now transitions to Stage Banning in Teams Exhibition and Invites.
  • 0.15.10 Bug Fix: Prevented Phantom P3 from joining regular matches. Please post here if you still see the issue.

SSDI hotfix note: We do like the goal of Single Smash Directional Influence (SSDI) but since most of our competitive play is online, it’s just too hard to be consistent with SSDI right now. In light of this, we’ve reverted back to ASDI and tweaked a few of the problem moves. We also re-evaluated some of our multi-hit attacks to make ASDI more important and to create more variety.



Zetterburn’s charged Neutral Special is pretty hard to deal with and doesn’t exactly line up with the visual. So we are tweaking it to make it feel better. We are also making Forward Strong a little bit faster to promote using it along with his other strong attacks.

  • Charged Nspecial sourspot hitbox removed
  • Charged Nspecial sweetspot active frames increased from 2 > 3 (effective active frames 7 > 3 after sourspot removal)
  • Charged Nspecial size increased from 160 to 170 to better match the visual
  • Forward Strong startup decreased from 15 > 13 frames.
  • 0.15.10 Zetterburn Neutral Air and Orcane Down Air no longer pull toward the center of the move.
  • 0.15.10 Zetterburn Neutral Air hits separated by 2 frames instead of 3 frames.



We have a new animation for Forward Special and a new hitbox to balance out the move at both high and low level play.

  • Forward Special (non-puddled) now has a smaller hitbox, making it harder for opponents to cover/punish multiple distances with a single parry, but also harder for Orcane to hit with. This gives the moves more strength as a high level recovery option while stripping some of its power away from low to mid-level play where spamming it is a decent strategy.
  • Bug Fix: Jab 3 hurtbox now lines up with the animation again.
  • 0.15.10 Orcane Up Tilt lower hitbox made bigger


Wrastor is a powerful character but he takes skill and good spacing to be successful. We are stripping away some base knockback from the sour spot of Up Strong to reward good spacing more.

  • Ustrong sourspot base knockback decreased from 7 > 6
  • 0.15.10 Wrastor Tornado ASDI Modifier 1.0 > .8 to make it back to old ASDI values.


Kragg’s hitstun gravity in the last update was pretty insane. Making him a monster in teams as he rarely dies off the top. We like the idea of him being heavier but wanted to find a middle ground. We also buffed his Forward Tilt and Forward Air because he likes to knock things forward.

  • Kragg Hitstun gravity decreased from .55 to .525 (.50 in 0.15.7)
  • Ftilt startup decreased from 12 > 10
  • Fair hitbox extended 10 pixels inward
  • Fair knockback angle changed from Sakurai Angle (40 ground 45 air) to 35. This makes it KO earlier but also reduces the amount of Fairways to Heaven.
  • 0.15.10 Kragg Neutral Air hitbox properties changed. Now knocks away mostly instead of being a washing machine.
  • 0.15.10 Kragg Forward Air Base Knockback 8 and .7 Scaling to Base Knockback 6 and .85 Scaling. This will reduce early KOs while making it an even stronger KO option after 110%.



Forsburn has the biggest changes in this update. He has been sneaky for so long but not this time. First of all, we did not like how the empowered specials were playing out as really only Combust and Super Clone actually felt worthwhile of a new “attack”. We have decided to keep those attacks the focus of getting smoke while removing charged Up Special. To balance out his recovery, we are letting him wrap through walls with more leniency on Up Special. Finally, we have tweaked some of his damage and knockback angles to spread power around his kit.

  • 0.15.10 Down Air hit 1 knockback scaling increased from .6 > .5
  • Down Air hit 1 knockback angle changed from 40 > 35
  • Down Air hit 2 knockback scaling increased from .5 > .7
  • Combust knockback scaling decreased from 1.0 > 0.9
  • Combust sweet spot added with knockback scaling 1.1.
  • Forward Strong hit 2 damage increased from 8 > 12.
  • Up Strong hit 2 damage increased from 8 > 12.
  • Back Air sweetspot damage increased from 10 > 13.
  • Down Air damage increased from 10 > 12.
  • Up Special vertical leniency now allows for more maneuverability 50 > 96.
  • Up Special landing lag increased from 16 > 20.
  • Up Special landing lag reduced to 10 frames if you reappear in the air.
  • Empowered Neutral Special and Up Special removed.
  • Getting parried now removes your smoke charges.
  • Super Clone now leaves 4 clouds of smoke when destroyed.


For such a rushdown character, Maypul can use Lily to camp pretty effectively. We have decided to prevent Maypul from freely moving Lily around after placing her and made some downtime for when Lily gets parried.

  • Can not plant a new Lily when one already exists (as a result, Fat Lily had to be removed).
  • Parrying Lily’s attack now puts Lily in a stunned state for 4 seconds. Lily still disappears after being parried.
  • 0.15.10 Lily lifespan reduced 12 seconds > 10 seconds.
  • 0.15.10 Lily will attack if Maypul is in hitstun again. It was way too unpredictable to work well for the opponent.
  • 0.15.10 Maypul Down Strong Hit 1 Art and Hitbox adjusted to match. Art reduced, hitbox expanded by 2 pixels.
  • 0.15.10 Maypul Up Strong Art and Hitbox adjusted to match. Thinner near maypul wider at the top.


Forward Tilt has been a contentious move since Absa was added to the game. We think by redesigning it to a two part attack we have a chance to make it useful both at short range and long range.

  • Forward Tilt changed into a two-part move. Seeing the first part will be a good tell for dodging the second.
  • Down Strong endlag decreased from 21 > 18 frames (on hit: 14 > 12).
  • Waveland friction lowered slightly for longer wavelands.
  • Down Special charge reduced from 45 > 35 frames.
  • Absa Charged Neutral Special Hitstun factor increased from .6 > .7.


For Etalus, we wanted to tweak his Armor to make it more reliable. The Super Armor comes out earlier on his Armored Strongs but he also loses his Armor when his Forward Special is parried now. Finally we buffed Down Air as it is one of the least used moves in the game.

  • Etalus Armor Strongs – Armor now comes out on frame 7 (11 > 7) on Up Strong and Forward Strong and frame 9 on Down Strong.
  • Jump Squat reduced from 6 > 5 frames (now the same as every other character)
  • Down Air final hit base knockback 4 > 6
  • Down Air final hit knockback scaling .6 > .5
  • Down Air Damage increased from 2,2,8 > 4,4,8
  • Etalus can now hold down to prevent Down Air from stalling his momentum
  • Forward Strong hit 1 hitstun modifier 1.0 > 0.5 (only matters if hit 2 doesn’t hit). Allows players to escape if the attack does not connect.
  • Down tilt second hit angle changed from 65 > 75
  • Down Tilt hitbox heights increased from 20 > 30 and 30 > 40.
  • Etalus now loses armor as intended when his Forward Special gets parried
  • 0.15.10 Etalus can now air dodge out of Up Special while traveling up as well.

Thanks as always and please let us know of any new issues you encounter here or in the reddit thread!

Etalus Joins the Plush Roster

Etalus Plush Preorder Announcement

If you didn’t hear the news at Genesis 4 – Etalus is now available in adorable plush form! Just like our Orcane plushy, he’s crafted by Symbiote Studios and comes with an exclusive skin code for PC. Boasting the same large size and super soft minky fabric, he’ll be available initially through a pre-order run. This approach lets us make the plushes you want and not end up with too many, but it also means you’ll need to get in early to snag yours.

The plush is available here and is expected to ship in May of 2017. It will be available worldwide for all pre-orders. Let us know if you’d like to see other characters join the plush roster in the comments.

Genesis 4 Wrap Up

With the conclusion of Genesis 4 last weekend, season one of the Rivals Championship Series has officially come to a close. We had a stunning first season and this amazing weekend came together thanks to all of the players who participated in the online weeklies, traveled to offline events, and supported the community through compendiums or by tuning into our streams.

We had an incredibly hype top 8 (check out this highlight video by Jarek4Gaming) and in a show of total domination, FlySociety’s FullStream took home the trophy and first place winnings of $4,464.

Coming out as the runner-up we had MrLz in second place taking home $1,674 and ICE | RK987 securing third place for $1,116. Here’s the full standings for the event:

Standing Player Character
1st FlySociety | FullStream wrastor@32
2nd MrLz maypul@32
3rd ICE | RK987 etalus@32
4th CakeAssault forsburn@32
5th CHV | Kaos zetterburn@32
5th Ralph orcane@32
7th ICE | AZCards kragg@32
7th ICE | DolphinBrick orcane@32
9th ICE | LBO zetterburn@32
9th Kenneth etalus@32
9th ICE | FailWhale kragg@32
9th The Dunkmaster kragg@32
13th Ace | Turquoise orcane@32
13th ICE | Cupz absa@32
13th Tandori maypul@32
13th ICE | Sino zetterburn@32
Full Standings >

Aside from having our singles event and all of the Rivals gameplay, we also made a few special announcements this weekend. Our biggest one is that we’ll be officially coming out of Steam Early Access on March 28th! This includes all of our single player modes like story and abyss, as well as some other features like achievements, leaderboards, and more. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our Steam launch trailer:

We also announced that we’ll be releasing a second plush, this adorable Etalus below that is now available for pre-order.  This will come with an exclusive DLC skin similar to the Orcane plush and is made by the same company (we love the quality and size).  You can reserve yours now on http://www.symbiotestudios.com/shop.

Etalus Plush Preorder Announcement

This event wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who registered and came out to play, but we also wanted to thank some specific community members for the extra effort they put in.  First, a big shoutout to Solar for organizing doubles and the TAXI discord event server. We’d also like to thank our pool captains Youngblood, FailWhale, Solar (again) and others we asked to step up like Nevereatcars, LBO, and Handbutt.

Nuparu and his father (Paparu) also came out on Saturday and took a ton of pictures. We can’t thank them enough for the hard work they did capturing our event. I’ve picked a few of my favorites but Nuparu has also uploaded the entire collection online where you can grab photos of yourselves or friends from the tournament.

Group Photo after Grands

Photography by Joshua and Marlowe Burgess

Full Image Gallery Viewable on Drive >

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this the biggest Rivals event yet. We can’t wait to see how the game grows. Stay tuned as we get closer to launch for more news about season 2 of the RCS.


Introducing the Rivals of Aether Streamer Program

Rivals of Aether Streamer Program

We want to work together with you to share Rivals of Aether with the world! Or at least the part of the world that visits Twitch…

If you’re currently a Twitch streamer that streams Rivals of Aether, or are a Twitch streamer who would like to stream Rivals of Aether, you can apply to be a part of our streamer program below.  If you meet the requirements we’ll support you by:

  • Giving you skin and/or game codes for giveaways on Twitch
  • Featuring your channel on our sites, broadcasts, or auto-host list
  • Inviting you for community events with other personalities on the main Rivals channel

Minimum Requirements for Supported Streams

  • You should have at least 50 followers
  • You should be an active streamer (i.e. stream with some amount of frequency)

If you don’t quite meet the requirements but still think you’d be a great fit, just fill out the form and let us know why in the ‘additional comments’ section at the bottom. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite Rivals streams right now:

Rivals of Aether Streamer Program
Enter your Username / Channel Name on Twitch
Enter the URL for your Twitch Channel
Enter the number of Followers you have on Twitch
Enter the number of Subscribers you have on Twitch
Explain why you are a great fit for the Rivals of Aether Streamer Program.

Rivals of Aether is Coming to Xbox One Game Preview

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been working for quite a while now to bring Rivals of Aether to a certain game console, and today we’re excited to say that the wait is finally almost over! Rivals of Aether will be released for Xbox One Game Preview on July 13th, 2016!

If you’ve been missing the action without a PC (or just prefer to battle it out on Xbox) then the day you’ve been waiting for is almost here. The Xbox One version will have the same characters you know and love along with our ranked, training, and other modes. Purchasing the game in Game Preview also means that you’ll receive updates and the full version of the game for no extra cost as it’s released.  


Since the Game Preview program operates differently than Steam Early Access, our updates won’t be perfectly in sync across PC and Xbox. Right now for instance the Xbox One build is missing the Ranked Leaderboards.  Don’t worry though – Xbox players won’t miss any of the fun for long.  We plan to make our first update for the Xbox version sometime in August.

To all of our fans that have been waiting patiently, thanks for your support and we can’t wait for you to finally get a chance to play Rivals of Aether on Xbox One!

New Hire – Etalus – Community Manager

Good morning everyone!

We have a special announcement to make today as we near our upcoming release. Please join the Rivals team in welcoming George Rogers (@Etalus) as our new Community Manager / Producer!

Hiring George lets us ensure that the community’s needs are met while still keeping the developers on track for the full release. He’ll make sure your feedback is heard and the features that are important to you get full consideration. In addition to sifting through memes all day, George will also be heading up programs that connect Rivals fans both casually and competitively. He’ll be scouring the internet for all Rivals talk to solve your problems and answer your questions (pretty much a genie you can summon with an @ symbol).


“Rivals has a great scene and I’ve been excited about the game ever since I saw the early alpha builds. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Dan and the rest of the team on one of the best indie fighters around.”


Prior to working on Rivals of Aether, George served as the Digital Experience Lead for Capital BlueCross. He recently made the long trip from the East to West coast to join our team and has plans for tournament support, guides, merchandise, and much more! He will be a big help as we have our eyes set on expanding our community very soon by coming to Xbox One Game Preview. We’ll have news on that extremely soon so stay tuned!

Update Details – Ranked Mode Added!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a while since our last post but we have some awesome news for you! Rivals of Aether on Steam is getting a huge update from 0.13 to 0.14! And with this update comes some amazing features! To get a glimpse of everything we have added, check out this video from the Beefy Aether Doods:

Firstly, we have added a Tutorial Mode to Rivals of Aether to help beginners learn all the mechanics. You start off with the basics and move up to advanced concepts like Directional Influence and Wavedashing:


Secondly, we’ve polished up the HUD animations for players to get a bit more oomph out of their attacks:


Thirdly, we have added Ranked Mode to Rivals of Aether! When playing online matches, you can increase your Ranked Score in an Elo style system. You can compete against Rivals players around the world and try to climb the Ranked Leaderboards:


Next, we have added Stat Tracking! You can now track your progress across all your characters and even across different tags that you can add in-game. Create new tags to see how you are improving:


Finally we also have a ton of character balance and engine improvements that you can read here at our 0.14.0 Patch Notes Thread.

Thanks for tuning into this update. We’ll have some more news soon particularly about the Xbox One Game Preview version of Rivals of Aether. Sorry for all the delays on that front. Our 0.13 submission had some issues with multiplayer so we will be updating the Xbox Build to 0.14 then resubmitting. Hopefully we can get all the bugs fixed and both PC and Xbox One players will be playing the latest update in the near future!

New Feature – Take a trip through Aether!

Since we launched on Early Access in September of last year, we have gotten a ton of feedback and requests. Often players come to us with balance suggestions, character ideas or even new gameplay features that they want added to the game. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we will be adding one of the most requested features to Rivals of Aether – Tripping.


Tripping is an extremely popular and well liked feature that you may have seen in other platform fighters. We know that players love losing control of their character. However, one of the complaints about tripping when it was implemented in another popular series is that it felt too random and unpredictable. Since Rivals of Aether is focused on competitive play, we wanted our implementation of tripping to be as competitive as possible. Therefore in Rivals, you will now trip EVERY time that you try to dash. You will no longer have to worry about a random number generator impacting your intense matches. This implementation will be the most competitive version of tripping ever!


Now I know what you might be thinking, “Hey doesn’t that make characters who prefer the air much stronger?” Don’t worry! We thought about that too. In order to balance tripping around our entire cast, we are also introducing Air Tripping. Air tripping is triggered EVERY time you try to double jump. This makes it extremely balanced! We wouldn’t want to have some new ridiculous character such as a small bat with a sword terrorizing our high level play.


High level Rivals will now be even more competitive thanks to this new feature. The game will be extremely balanced and you will no longer have to worry about Forsburn’s awesome Dash Attack. Never before has tripping met the three F’s of competitive gameplay – Fair, Fun and Frequent! We expect fans of fighting games to be tripping over themselves trying to pick up a copy of Rivals of Aether.