Ranno and Clairen Controllers by Controller Chaos

If you’re a fan of custom controllers, Controller Chaos has just added some amazing Rivals designs by El Ranno for our two newest characters. You can pick them up on controllerchaos.com in the Rivals section, as well as find designs for our other original characters.



By popular demand Controller Chaos has also added Xbox One controllers to the Rivals line. They even do custom requests so don’t be afraid to reach out if you want one of these designs on an Xbox 360 or your other favorite controller.



Patch 1.2.0 – Ranno and Clairen

Welcome to the Rivals of Aether 1.2.0 patchnotes! There are plenty of exciting additions to Rivals today including two new characters, Halloween seasonal colors, a brand new ranked season, and more. Read on for all the detailed notes and other good stuff.


New Characters – Ranno and Clairen

ranno-clairen-steam-image@three-quarter-sizeRanno, The Poisonous Pacifist and Clairen, The Flame’s Salvation are now available on Steam! These Rivals come as a DLC two pack and can be added to your roster for $4.99.

Ranno is our third Rival to represent the water element while Clairen fights on the side of flame. Pick them up today on Steam or try them for free in their tutorials, accessible through the solo menu in game.

Halloween Seasonal Colors

The Rivals are ready for Halloween with festive costume colors available in all gameplay modes. Be on the lookout for spooky Orcanes and mummy Maypuls as you scare your way through ranked and exhibition.


Ranked Season 3

Patch 1.2.0 marks the beginning of ranked season 3 for the online ladder. This means that everyone gets a clean slate and fresh climb starting at 1000 ELO in ranked mode. All records from last season have been immortalized on the Steam leaderboards, and new icon rewards will be available to you depending on the rank you achieved.


Congratulations to everyone who secured medal placements (bronze players at 1200+ ELO, silver at 1500+ ELO, and gold at 1800+ ELO).


  • Parry Cooldown – Missing a parry now gives it a 20 frame cooldown. We added this to prevent people from spamming parry back to back, as the reward for landing the parry was too high in some situations (and it was frustrating to play against).
  • “Random” Stage Selection – When choosing random on local stage select, you can no longer get the same stages you played on in the previous 2 games. This technically makes random, well, less random… but it feels better since brains are dumb. Online stage select already behaves this way so this brings local up to speed.
  • Outward Sending Hitbox Normalization – We’ve normalized all outward hitting moves so that the sides don’t kill off the top blastzone earlier than the top of the move. This makes our intent for these types of moves actually line up with the execution. Knockback has been adjusted to keep relative power levels the same based on the new formula.
    • Shine (charged and uncharged) knockback has been adjusted to be the same when hit from the side, but will now be a little stronger on the top and bottom. Increased from 5+.55 > 7+.65.
    • Forsburn’s Combust sweetspot knockback has been increaesd from 4+1.1 > 7+1.3. Sourspot increased from 4+0.9 > 6+1.1.
    • Absa’s Dspecial knockback changed to 5 + 1.5.


  • The Spirit Tree really wants you to pick it – Fixed a bug in local stage select that allowed The Spirit Tree to come up on random even if it was banned.
  • What happened to my dodge – Fixed a bug where you would lose your air dodge when getting hit during its startup, but only if you air dodged out of a tumble.
  • I’m taking you down with me – Fixed a game crash that happened when bashed clone explosion was parried.
  • AZCards’ Long Lost Bug – Fixed a bug that stopped Kragg from destroying an opponent’s pillar in the ditto.
  • Angles thinking face – Removed angle flippers on Etalus ice shards.

Ori and Sein
While Ori and Sein were close to how we wanted them to feel on release, Sein ended up hogging more of the spotlight than we liked. This patch we’ve toned down some of their moves that were simply too good and gave Ori a few quality of life improvements as well.

We’ve specifically targeted charged flame to subdue the little orb of doom and have also made the duo easier to use with default controls.

  • New Charged Flame mechanics have been changed:
    • Hold special for 15 frames to initiate charged flame.
    • If you let go before 55 frames (about 1 second) it will stay charged until you tap it again. If you let go after 55 frames it will blow up as soon as you release.
    • Maximum hold time has been reduced to 4 seconds.
    • Sein now has 10 frames of startup before exploding.

This change is intended to make charged flame less oppressive in coverage, more difficult/impressive to time correctly, and more user friendly with default controls.

  • Charged Flame active frames decreased from 12 > 4.
    Twelve active frames was TOO MUCH.
  • New Dash attack can now cancel into anything after hitting the sweet spot successfully.
    • Dash attack sweet spot size increased from 8x8px to 20x20px.
    • Recovery increased from 16 > 18.
    • Sour knockback angle changed from 361 > 45 (only higher on grounded opponents).
    • Base knockback increased from 8 > 9.
  • Fstrong recovery increased from 18 > 20. On-whiff recovery increased from 27 > 30.
  • Team-up Fstrong recovery increased from 18 > 24. On-whiff recovery increased from 27 > 36.
    Spamming team-up Fstrong was too good. It’s already a great kill move that lasts a decent length so we’d like to encourage people to be more precise with it.
  • Team-up Fstrong hitboxes reduced in size.
  • Team-up Ustrong and Fstrong multihits now pull toward the center during hitpause.
    This fixes an admittedly funny issue where Ori could send enemies flying if they traded with this attack.
  • Ori can no longer fastfall on hit to prevent Ustrong from rising.
  • Both Ori and their target are now invincible when aiming Bash (Dspecial).
    This makes bash usable in free for all and doubles.

Wrastor is a tough bird to balance since he constantly walks (flaps?) a fine line between too good or not good enough. While it’s fun when you’re getting the reads, he’s more often frustrating to play as than not – especially against heavies who take too long to KO.

To alleviate this, we’re making some changes this patch to allow him to wrack up damage faster while still being a stylish glass cannon.

  • Air Friction increased from .04 > .05.
    Wrastor dies very early so this gives him a little help in making him very slightly harder to KO horizontally.
  • Increased the size of Dstrong hitbox from 30×40 > 50×50
    This used to be one of Wrastor’s signature moves but recently it’s looked a little lackluster. We’re increasing the size to make it a more enticing option.
  • Fair strong hit damage has been increased from 6 > 7. Weak hit damage stays 5.
  • Bair damage increased from 5 > 6.
  • Dair sour spot damage increased from 4 > 6. Strong hit hit dair is still 7.
  • Nair damage increased from 5 > 6.
  • Jab 2 Damage: 4 > 5.
  • banner_maypul

    Maypul has been suffering a little bit from the same problems as Wrastor in that she’s very powerful in theory, but fails to reach her potential when played online. To add to this many of her hitboxes also feel slightly unreliable. To compensate we’ve made quite a few of them bigger this patch as well as tweaked the properties of a few other key moves to make her more forgiving to play.

  • Maypul’s air friction has been increased from .05 > .06.
    Maypul dies very early so this gives her a little help in making her very slightly harder to KO horizontally.
  • Utilt recovery decreased from 13 > 10. (whiff decreased from 20 > 15)
    The reward didn’t match the commitment for this move. This change makes it still easy to punish on whiff, but gives Maypul more reliable aerial follow-ups if she hits.
  • Dash attack hit 1 has been updated to more reliably link into hit 2.
    This makes the move connect consistently similar to other moves with two parts like Zetterburn’s forward and down strongs.
  • Uair hitbox 3 increased from 70×60 > 80×80.
  • Nair hitbox 1 (inside hitbox) increased from 70×40 > 90×40.
  • Fair hitbox increased from 60×80 > 80×85.
  • Lily bite damage increased from 4 > 8.
  • banner_zetterburn

    We’re giving a bit of Zetterburn’s recovery back so he doesn’t get snuffed out too early offstage.

    • Wall jumping after down special has been reverted to give Zetterburn his jump back, but only once until he touches ground again.
      This should give Zetterburn some nice recovery mixups while not swinging the pendulum back to pre-Ori patch where his recovery near the wall was monstrous.


    Kragg throw rock. Kragg tall rock need improvement. Kragg smaller rock need improvement too.

  • Kragg’s pillar can now be broken by a hitbox as long as the hitbox owner’s feet are below the top of the pillar. Previously, the center of their hitbox had to be below the top of the pillar. This is still the case with projectiles.
    This change was made to avoid situations like Zetterburn fair sweetspot breaking a pillar from above, causing Zetterburn to die if he autocancelled the fair.
  • Kragg rock shards now die when reaching 500 pixels above the top of the screen instead of 100px.
  • Kragg’s rock is no longer destroyed by Etalus uair, Wrastor Dair hit 1, or Forsburn cape.
    These moves now interact with the rock by moving it instead of outright breaking it.
  • Let us know how you like the new characters as well as any other thoughts in the comments below! As always, thanks for playing.

    MuffinBros Controller Skins Giveaway

    MuffinBros has just released their first Rivals of Aether controller skin (with art by the fantastic Eric Y Huang) and are doing a giveaway to celebrate! You can enter to win 3 different types of skins as well as a poster version right here:

    > Zetterburn Graphic Giveaway: Rivals of Aether & MuffinBros Graphics


    The giveaway runs until October 23rd with one random winner at the end. If you can’t wait until the end of October, you can grab the poster or controller skins on MuffinBros’ store:

    > https://muffinbros.com/product-category/graphic-shop/rivals-of-aether-controller-skins/

    We’re working on adding more characters right now, so leave a comment below on which character you’d like a skin for next.

    GT-X Wrap Up

    GameTyrant Expo (GT-X) debuted last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah and was one of the coolest events we’ve been to this year. We were excited for GT-X for a few reasons:

    • One – the tournament was held in a sweet sports arena.
    • Two – Rivals was the 3rd largest event (behind Melee and Sm4sh).
    • And three – we decided to reveal a brand new character!

    Here’s our wrap up for the event if you missed any of the action.

    Character Reveal

    First, if you somehow missed our character reveal you can check it out in our reveal article posted yesterday. Ranno and Clairen are coming out in 2 weeks and we’ve got her official trailer as well as some more lore, elemental powers, and gameplay laid out for you.

    Clairen Splash Art

    The Tournament

    Rivals was the 3rd biggest event behind Melee and Smash 4 with 82 entrants. We got to wrap up the tournament on stage Sunday morning with an awesome top 4 streamed by VGBootCamp. You can find the vods on their channel here:

    Final Standings:

    Standing Player Character
    1st Panda Global | FullStream
    2nd Burrito | LBO
    3rd Arctic Fury | TurtleBox
    4th HABIT | Toko
    5th TheEvets
    5th TwistedSin | SBS
    7th Etalus
    7th Rato
    Full Standings >

    Congratulations to FullStream for winning the event, and doing it all alongside his brand new team Panda Global.

    What’s Next

    This wraps up the currently planned local events for the RCS before Genesis 5. However we’re on the lookout for one more before the finals, so make sure you let us know about any events in November or December where you want to see Rivals. See you at the next one!

    Also, don’t forget to register for our RCS Season 2 finals at Genesis 5 to be a part of the largest Rivals event ever. Just like last year, we plan to make this one to remember. You can still sign up with regular event pricing at smash.gg/G5.

    Character Reveal: Clairen, The Flame’s Salvation

    This weekend at GT-X we revealed our newest Rival – Clairen, The Flame’s Salvation. She’ll be joining Ranno on Steam in a two-character pack in just a few weeks for $4.99.


    Clairen is a seasoned warrior from a distant future where both Zetterburn and Forsburn have vanished and never return. In her time, Loxodont grew to become a powerful emperor and expanded his domain over nearly all of Aether. Through the years the fire people lost their connection with the flame and could no longer control it. To offset this, their soldiers were issued plasma weapons as the Fire Empire became reliant on technology to retain its power.

    One young girl realized she could still control the flame and plasma. After enlisting in the Imperial Guard, she hatched a plan to destroy the endless Loxodont hoping that it would return the flame to the people. But Loxodont had grown invincible over time and his corporeal form was replaced with fortified machinery. Clairen was defeated in the throne room and was set to be executed. But there were others who also despised Loxodont, and Clairen’s bravery motivated them. An unlikely ally helped Clairen escape using a machine to go back to a time when Loxodont was still vulnerable.

    Now Clairen is on a mission in the past. To find the missing heroes that inspired her resistance and to destroy the endless emperor before he become invincible.

    Clairen Hero Shot

    Elemental Powers:

    Ionized Tip – Unlike the other future soldiers, Clairen manipulates her blade to be two-toned. The end of Clairen’s sword is super-charged, allowing her to stun enemies who are hit precisely with the tip.

    Plasma Echo – Clairen dashes forward with her Side Special to quickly escape. The deadly plasma resonance left behind can damage enemies and even KO opponents with its sweet spot.

    Energy Field – Performing a Down Special right before an attack hits Clairen will trigger her energy field. This field damages and pushes other Rivals away on activation. The zone that remains will nullify all projectiles that try to enter it.


    Clairen plays like a sword fighter you would find in other platform fighters. Her blade is much longer than Forsburn’s dagger and she relies on disjointed hitboxes in order to keep her opponents at bay. Clairen excels at medium range but can struggle at both close and far ranges from her opponents.

    Clairen’s Ionized Tip is a critical aspect of the character that players will have to master. When spacing her attacks correctly, she gets stronger knockback and can stun her opponents which opens up combos that are only possible by using the tip of the blade. Players can see clearly when they landed the Ionized Tip by the plasma stun effect that envelops their opponent.

    Clairen’s Side Special is Plasma Echo. She can use it to get back on stage, but its real strength is the hitbox that it leaves behind. When spaced perfectly the attack can be lethal or set up for a long combo. The attack comes out where Clairen was, not where she is going, which requires some practice both when using the ability as Clairen and when fighting against it.

    Finally, Clairen’s Down Special is her Energy Field. This ability is the first counter in Rivals of Aether with a truly electrifying result. When successful, Clairen spawns an Energy Field that makes up for her lack of projectile. The field creates a large null zone that destroys all enemy projectiles inside it.

    Additional Media:

    NA RCS September Monthly

    Join us this Saturday for our free, online monthly tournament! Whether you’re a new player or returning veteran this event is open to everyone. All first time entrants will receive a Champion Etalus skin, and if total registrants reaches 250, all players will also receive a Champion Kragg.

    Champion Wrastor
    Champion Etalus
    Champion Kragg


    Date and Time: 9/16 (this Saturday) 4PM PDT / 6PM CDT / 7PM EDT

    Register: https://smash.gg/tournament/na-rcs-september-monthly

    Livestream: twitch.tv/RivalsOfAether

    RCS Rivals Championship Series Logo

    More info on skin codes: You’ll only receive skin rewards if you play in the event, though your record doesn’t matter. Make sure you show up to lock yours in! Codes will be sent to the email registered to your smash.gg account 2 days after the event.

    Community Roundup #13

    Welcome back for the latest community roundup, where we highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals art, music, videos, and more. Read on to catch up on some great community pieces you might have missed.









    While we’re on the art category, it’s also worth mentioning that there’s now a dedicated #art-gallery channel in the official discord. There’s tons of great artists in the community and the gallery is just another place to highlight them. Take a look or post your own at discord.gg/RoA.



    A cool Rivals version of King from Cave Story by Brawlitup99 from the discord #art-gallery:


    A dunkmaster Etalus skin from /u/ChiuceBox:


    Dekanai over on soundcloud put together this awesome symphonic metal version of the abyss track “Formless Onslaught” from the OST.


    One of the first combo videos to feature Ori was put together by Cupz and Adam Carra. This is a great early showing on what this character can do. Hopefully we’ll see some more flashy Ori play in the RCS this weekend.

    bAK47ed put together a bunch of cool Ori and Sein tutorials and early tech videos for the pair. Here’s just one useful one on how to do team-up smashes. Check out his channel for others on Sein spiking, bindings, and more.

    /u/Chewyoo shows off a beautiful light grenade shot that leads to a kill.


    golden-elite-profile-pictureGolden Elite has some fantastic guides and just recently put out a new one focusing on helpful stuff for newer players. This guide compiles all kinds of things from common Rivals terminology, character specific techs, and even links to other guides and community hangouts.

    I highly recommend this for any players that are looking to take a step deeper into the game. Check it out here: Golden Guides: The Basics

    Here’s one of our favorite moments from PAX West:


    Most underappreciated (best) recent video:

    That’s it for this community roundup! Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites, and be sure to give the creators some love.

    Shine 2017 Wrap Up

    Shine 2017 is over and it was a landmark tournament in more ways than one for Rivals of Aether. From the community raising over $5,000 in support through the compendium to a new competitive landscape emerging, there was lots of excitement to go around. If you missed the action this recap should bring you up to speed.

    Rivals Singles Results

    This tournament was one of the most stacked events this year, and certainly our most international with players from 7 different countries participating. Four players were even sent through the compendium thanks to the generosity of the community. Following some of the highest level of play we’ve ever seen, T2 | CakeAssault stood on top. Congratulations to him for his first place finish and his clinic on just how terrifying Forsburn can be.

    You can watch the VoDs from the event on Big Blue Esports’ channel.

    If you’re interested in just the highlights, Jarek4 Gaming has got you covered with a fantastic highlight reel covering both singles and doubles:

    Final Standings:

    Standing Player Character
    1st T2 | CakeAssault
    2nd Burrito | LBO
    3rd Edax | FullStream
    4th Fable | MSB
    5th Kaos
    5th Mentality | Handbuttt
    7th Risky
    7th VexX | DolphinBrick
    Full Standings >

    Rivals Doubles Results

    Doubles at Shine was a ton of fun because just about every team consisted of top players. This gave us the opportunity to see some crazy matches throughout the entire bracket. True to his prediction in his interview, Kaos and Burrito | LBO secured first place in convincing fashion. Big Blue Esports has the VoDs here:

    Standing Player Character
    1st Burrito | LBO / Kaos
    2nd VexX | AZCards / VexX | DolphinBrick
    3rd Edax | FullStream / Turquoise
    4th Penguin / Lord Bagel
    Full Standings >

    Shine Interview Series

    Before Shine Trent Murray spent some time talking to top competitors traveling to the event. He brought together their history, insight, and goals for the tournament into our Shine Interview series. If you missed any of these and want to check out which predictions from the players came true, you can find them here:

    Gabe Couch Warriors Top 3-cropped Shine Interview Series: Gabe – an interview with the top Australian Rivals player known for his skill and community effort.
    Kaos at G4 Rivals doubles Shine Interview Series: Kaos – an interview with the best European Rivals player including some of his history in other esports.
    Shine Icon Shine Interview Series: Last Words – a collection of thoughts from multiple top players in attendance before the event.

    Upcoming events

    Even though summer’s almost over we haven’t seen the last of big Rivals events yet for the year. We’ve got some cool tournaments coming up on the west coast, so if you’ve been stuck at home for all of the east coast events make sure you hit these! Ori and Sein will also be legal for any RCS tournament after 9/13.

    Rivals Summer Events Date
    PAX West 9/1 – 9/4
    Balcy’s Palace 9/8 – 9/10
    Heat Wave 9/23
    GameTyrant Expo 2017 9/29 – 10/1
    [RCS Finals] Genesis 5 1/19/18

    Patch 1.1.2 – Ori and Sein

    Today is a monumental day for Rivals of Aether players everywhere. One of the most prevalent questions of our times (“When’s Ori?”) can finally be answered. That’s right, Ori is now.

    Tonight we’re releasing major patches on two systems at once. PC players will get access to the Ori and Sein DLC along with some balance changes, while Xbox One players will move from Game Preview to Full Release. Read on for patch 1.1.2 notes or head here for what to expect on Xbox One.


    New Content – Ori and Sein + The Spirit Tree

    Ori and Sein along with The Spirit Tree stage are now available! These are our first guest characters, visiting Aether from the world of Ori and the Blind Forest. They are purchasable for $4.99 as DLC on Steam or the Microsoft Store .


    Ori and Sein bring their abilities learned throughout Ori and the Blind Forest and put them to the test in Rivals of Aether. While Ori works to Bash, Stomp and Glide their way to victory, Sein can use the Spirit Flame or the Charged Flame to put enemies between a rock and a hard place.

    • SPIRIT FLAMESein follows Ori around the battlefield. Ori can tap Neutral Special to have Sein quickly fire a Spirit Flame from wherever Sein is. Ori can hold Neutral Special to have Sein use the Charged Flame.
    • BASHOri can use Down Special to Bash nearly anything in Rivals of Aether – from characters to projectiles to rocks and plants. Ori can also move around the stage by bashing the Light Grenade that is thrown by using Forward Special.
    • TAG TEAMWhen Ori and Sein are close enough, Ori can use Strong Attacks to initiate tag team combos. These Strong Attacks have more powerful properties as Sein assists Ori for a more devastating blow.


    The new Spirit Tree stage comes with both a casual Aether version and competitive Basic version. On the Aether version, players will have to look out for Kuro as she dives toward the screen, striking those who have not taken cover under the platforms. Gumo, a fan favorite from Ori and the Blind Forest, also makes an appearance on the Aether version of the stage as he moves a platform around. Competitive players can play on the Basic version for a fair fight while enjoying some great music inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest.


    We’ve made lots of changes since our last major patch, so a few screens you’re familiar with might look a bit different. We’ve also updated dev mode to fix some of the moves that were outdated along with some other quality of life changes.

    • Community News – The main menu now shows news and other things of interest to the community. Use your mouse to view sections you’d like to read more about. If the web pages don’t open for you, follow this quick guide.
    • Profile Icons – Profile icons now save from session to session so you don’t have to select one every time. Ori and Burrito Kragg icons have been added and can be unlocked with their respective DLC.
    • Respawn Invincibility Time – Invincibility time on respawn has been reduced from 120 frames to 90. Two seconds of invincibility was proving a bit long (especially on the smaller stages) which is why we’re reducing it to 1.5.
    • Hurtbox Updates – Many animations that use the default hurtbox rectangle (jump, double jump, airdodge, walljump, hurt sprites) have been re-positioned to match the hurtboxes better. There are no framedata or other gameplay changes around this, the intent is only to give more visual clarity.
    • Reverse Hits – Many kill moves that could reverse (sending a character the opposite way that the attack faced) have been changed to disallow this. You’ll see it mentioned on multiple Rivals below but this is a change across the board and not targeting any specific character.
    • Character Select Screen – We’ve got an extra character to fit in! Ori and Sein have been added to the roster. Selecting Ori will allow you to purchase them right from the Steam overlay.
    • Stage Select – The stage select layout has been changed with The Spirit Tree and future stages in mind. If you own The CEO Ring you can also now select this stage directly by toggling using the icon over The Rock Wall.
    • Dev Mode – Updated the properties and data for some character’s moves to bring them up to date with current gameplay.

    Zetterburn has been seeing a lot of play lately at the highest level. While his strong offense on stage is something we intended, we think his recovery options off stage are a little too good right now, especially when that was supposed to balance out his strengths.

    • Dspecial no longer gives back your double jump immediately. Instead, it gives you your double jump 20 frames after the dive starts (noted by a white flash on Zetterburn)
    • After 30 frames of Dspecial’s dive, you can cancel it with a double jump, an air dodge, or Uspecial (you can still walljump out as usual).
    • Dspecial no longer spawns a fire puddle when parried
    • Dspecial hit 1 no longer stuns grounded opponents for unecessary lengths of time when trading
    • Fair sweetspot can no longer reverse

    Orcane was perfect last patch and has been perfect for a long time. However, he is now EVEN MORE perfect after we decided to add 1 more damage to his Dair hits.

    • All hits of Dair now do 1 more damage
    • Dstrong angle flippers changed to avoid strange reverse hits
    • Fair can no longer reverse

    We’ve given Wrastor a little more kill power on his Fstrong’s sourspot. He also got a visual upgrade on his Ftilt to give him the style he deserves.

    • Ftilt has a new, smoother animation (less reach, same frame data, same knockback)
    • Fstrong sourspot scaling increased from 1.0 > 1.1
    • Utilt can no longer reverse

    Kragg is a simple Rival who doesn’t need much. With the addition of his Burrito skin and this rock throw change below, he’s one happy bug.

    • Neutral rock throw can now be reversed
    • Fair can no longer reverse

    Forsburn’s specials are really cool right now and hitting all of our marks for a deception based character. Some of his other moves however were a little lackluster, so we’ve decided to make a few changes that give him more options.

    • UpStrong hit 1 (cape) replaced with a shorter, wider cape swing
    • Bair sweetspot active frames increased from 2 > 3
    • Bair sourspot active frames increased from 6 > 13
    • Both Bair hitboxes made bigger and moved to match animation better
    • Bair whifflag decreased from 7 > 3
    • Nair1 front hitbox active frames increased from 1 > 3
    • Up Strong Startup has been increased from 12 to 14 frames.
    • Uspecial hitstun modifier increased from .85 > 1.0
    • Uspecial base knockback increased from 6 > 8
    • Fspecial is now hidden/silent when used behind smoke (so sneaky)

    Even with the addition of Ori, Maypul is still the fastest Rival around. We’ve cleaned up a few of her hitboxes this patch to make certain moves match their animations better.

    • Fstrong hitbox made slightly bigger
    • Added 2 hitboxes to Dstrong in order to match the animation better
    • Strong attack wrap time scaling increased from .1 > .13
    • Fair can no longer reverse

    Absa has started to show up consistently in tournaments which is nice to see. We’ve made a few QoL changes to her in addition to making Ftilt1 slightly harder to abuse, since the move shouldn’t be so good that it’s all she wants to do.

    • Ftilt 1 startup increased from 4 > 7, hitbox moved VERY slightly forward and narrowed (removed about 4px of backward range)
    • Ustrong hitboxes made taller to reach crouching Orcane
    • Bair sweetspot can no longer reverse
    • Fstrong can no longer reverse
    • Interrupting Absa while she’s charging her cloud pop will now cancel the cloud pop instead of having the cloud auto-charge into the strong hitbox

    Etalus’s presence on stage is big and that’s just how we like him. We’ve made a small change to ice armor this patch to keep him from getting overwhelming.

    • Ice armor is now eaiser to break, damage needed decreased from 50% > 40%
    • Fstrong (both with ice armor and without) can no longer reverse
    • Uair now functions correctly when hitting multiple enemies

    Thanks for playing, and we hope everyone enjoys Ori and patch 1.1.2. If you’re looking for some more Rivals action this weekend make sure you tune into Shine to watch the top 8 on twitch.tv/BigBlueGG at 9EDT / 8 CDT/ 6 PDT.

    Shine Interview Series: Last Words

    Shine 2017 is nearly here. There have been stacked Rivals tournaments in the past, but none quite like this. Thanks to the generosity of the RoA community, we will have one of the most noteworthy tournaments, including international competition, in the game’s history. Earlier in our series, you heard from Australia and Europe’s challengers Gabe and Kaos. Now, it’s time for the home team to give their insight.

    We asked many of the top competitors traveling to Shine about their thoughts and preparations leading into the tournament. Today, you’ll hear from Burrito | LiveBreatheOwn, T2 | CakeAssault, VexX Gaming’s AZCards and Dolphinbrick, Fable | MSB, Penguin, and, of course, Edax | Fullstream. If you don’t already, be sure to follow all our competitors on Twitter, links will be available at the end of the article.

    What are your thoughts on the current Rivals metagame?

    LBO: The meta game is in a good state right now. I’ve predicted in the past that the meta will include heavy use of character counter picks and that is starting to show as true which I’m excited to see as it continues.

    DolphinBrick: The current metagame is usually defined by either a small group of characters (Fox/Falco in melee) or by a certain role or a character (tank meta in LoL). RoA is interesting because right now, there still isn’t any particular meta. Each character is viable in a tournament setting and we’re seeing new and innovative strategies arising at every tournament.

    FullStream: The current Rivals metagame is mostly based on platform movement and approaching above your opponent or just with aerials in general. This means that the majority of players don’t have the best ground game footsies/neutral, but they excel at baiting options from above their opponent. A lot of people will just find a couple of approaches and find ways to mix them up, and they mostly rely on being in the air to do so.

    MSB: Current rivals meta is very balanced with the exception of Maypul. She’s totally absent! Hoping one day Lz is able to come back, and if he did I’m sure his Maypul is as good as ever. Wrastor is also pretty sparse, but as seen by the legend Pepe at smashcon, that character can still make some impact.

    AZCards: Right now the current metagame is still being developed and I think that is amazing. It’s fun to watch playstyles evolve into something competitive and different from someone else. With a lot of high level players coming out to Shine, you’ll be able to see that live. Watch LBO’s playstyle vs Kisuno’s and you’ll see completely different approaches to Zetterburn, that work in their own way. It’s great that Rivals of Aether gives you the ability to play your favorite Rival and make your own playstyle that is competitive and fun for you as well.

    CakeAssault: In the current metagame, my tier list looks like:

    A: Absa, Zetter, Wrastor
    B: Etalus, Kragg, Orcane
    B-: Fors, Maypul

    With Absa’s up b movement and mixups, she has possibly the best neutral game in the game, with one of the best combo games and recoveries in the game. And, without Lz actively in the scene anymore, and with no other Maypul’s nearly at his level of expertise with the character, Maypul has dropped from best in the game to worst in the game. Also shoutout to MSB for being the best Kragg and representing what the character could be. If other players picked up on his creative combos and recovery mixups, Kragg could easily be one of the best characters.

    How are you preparing for Shine? Any special practice strategies or plans for the tournament?

    LBO: Shine will be a test of my nerves more than my skill. When I’m comfortable I feel unstoppable and I’m capable of beating any player in the world. My preparation is staying calm and not putting pressure on myself. If I can have fun, I can win.

    FullStream: I’m not doing anything special to prepare, just continuing to play these other characters and try to make sure that I play my best. It’s been tougher for me to do that recently but that all can change at any given tournament. This is just another tournament.

    Penguin: I’ve been doing a lot of work on the Zetterburn matchup since so many great Zetters are going to Shine, like Kisuno, FullStream, LBO, Kaos, Gabe, and Gaming. I’ve also been doing some work on the Kragg, Orcane, and Etalus matchups because many of the other players going main one of those characters.

    AZCards: To prepare for Shine, I’ve just been getting in as many friendlies as possible against high level players. So fortunately for me, that means playing games against ICE since it’s mostly West Coast players. I’m also going to watch VODs of Super Smash Con, so I can study player’s habits. And lastly, just putting myself in the right mindset before I even play in the tournament. That’s something I’ve been working on a lot since I started playing Rivals and it improves every tournament I go to.

    Dbrick: In order to prep for Shine, I watch VoDs of anyone that I’ll run into and take notes on any habits I could exploit. Watching VoDs is a large part of prepping against any one person.

    CakeAssault: My wifi has been out for either 12 weeks or 2 weeks – I can’t really tell – and my grandpop has been letting me chill at his house to use his wifi to practice for Smashcon and Shine. Currently, I have my boy Willby analyzing other top players’ sets so he can tell me their habits and give me tips on how to counter their playstyles. When I’m not playing online, I’m trying out new tactics and followups for edgeguarding and comboing. If I’m playing well at Shine, I think you’ll definitely see new things from me when I win in Grand Finals.

    MSB: Rooming with Gabe, Kaos, and Handbutt. Lots of Zetter and Etalus practice.

    Which players are you hoping to avoid in bracket and why?

    LBO: I’m not worried about facing anyone particularly. I should have a high seed going in so I expect the first few rounds to be able to warm me up nicely. Then I’ll be ready to go for the challenging rounds.

    Dbrick: I’m hoping to avoid Penguin and Kisuno. I personally excel against players that I’ve played before, as I’m good as picking up on habits…but sometimes the set is over before I can adapt! I’ve never played either of these two in bracket before and they’re both a huge threat.

    MSB: I’ve had a horrifying time against Kisuno and LBO both locally and online. Unsure how I’d do against them this time around, but dodging them in bracket would certainly benefit me. Fullstream’s been beating me around at basically every event, but I’ve been getting closer! I’m confident I’d do better against Cake at Shine than I did at smashcon, so I wouldn’t mind him.

    AZCards: Looking at the bracket, there isn’t anyone I want to avoid. Nobody wins a tournament going in trying to avoid a certain player. What if you bump into them in the bracket? You’ll just be thinking about it as you play and it’ll just mess with your strategy. I actually want to do the opposite. The best way to grow as a player is to overcome those challenges. It’s never easy getting the gold.

    Penguins: There’s no one in particular I hope to avoid the most, because I think I have at least a chance against everyone. I do hope to avoid the other ace members because I don’t want either of us to have to knock the other out, but that’s how tournaments go.

    CakeAssault: I’m hoping to avoid Penguin and LBO in bracket. I don’t like playing them.

    Who are you most excited to play in the tournament and why?

    LBO: Any of the top Zetter players. I made it a goal of mine to be the people’s Zetter. I want to be the flashiest and most fun to watch of all the Zetter players. So direct comparison helps people know who they should be supporting in the chat. :)

    Dbrick: I’m most excited to play FullStream, we had a very close set at Bigger Balc and I’ve been itching for revenge…

    Fullstream: No one I necessarily hope I play. I’m just there to play who I am feeling and see how it all goes.

    Penguin: I’m most excited to play FullStream in tourney, if I get the chance to. I’ve been practicing the Absa/Zetterburn matchup a lot and I’ve gotten to play FullStream a lot online. And I know Ceztellz took him to game 5 at Super Smash Con, so I really think I have a chance to take that game 5 in my favor.

    MSB: Not especially excited to play against anyone, but if I got AZ on stream the Kragg Bowl would be hype. I’d be looking forward to playing Dbrick again. Both our matches on local have been decisive 3-0s but the set count is split 1-1. I’m sure he wasn’t happy with how he played last Saturday, so he’s looking for redemption there. And personally I’d like to go up in sets against him and show that it wasn’t a fluke at smashcon. Expect something brutal if we meet at shine.

    AZCards: I’m actually really excited to play Gabe and MSB. Gabe is Australia’s best player and I would like to see what their meta is like. I’m also a really competitive player so if I’m able to say I’m better than an entire continent at a video game, I’ll take that opportunity while I’m still able to. I’m always going to want to play against MSB. He’s my biggest rival right now since I would consider him to be the #1 Kragg, and quite frankly that should be my spot. I’ve been training a lot for Shine and have learned some new things so hopefully I’ll be able to show why I deserve to be #1.

    CakeAssault: I’m excited to play FullStream in bracket because I’m gonna talk so much trash on him on Twitter before the tournament. I can’t risk doing that two tournaments in a row and then losing again.

    Can you give us any predictions of what you expect top 8 to look like at Shine 2017?

    LBO: Me. DolphinBrick. AZCards. The others don’t matter. ICE for life.

    Dbrick: Top 8 in no particular order will probably be: LBO, AZCards, FullStream, Kisuno, Penguin, CakeAssault, MSB and me.

    Fullstream: Looking at who is attending the tournament without seeding being done I have no idea who will be top 8 lol. Lot of good players.

    MSB: Expect Full, and Kaos to all do very well. LBO and Cake tend to vary so they could both kill it, but might end up losing early. Dbrick and Az will do well if they get good brackets. Gabe, Alexis, Turq, Penguin, and Handbutt are strong contenders for top 8 but I don’t think they could win it all. And of course, I’ll be getting 3rd. Also: Aurecia or Gaming could make upsets happen, so watch out for them too. VERY stacked bracket, tournament is going to be wild.

    AZCards: In no particular order: Kaos, Fullstream, MSB, LBO, DolphinBrick, Me, CakeAssualt, Penguin

    Penguin: I expect FullStream to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone upsets him. I’ve been practicing the matchup a lot and I remember LBO and FullStream had a game 5 set last time they played in RCS. From there it gets difficult due to so many great players going. I would expect Dolphinbrick, MSB, LBO, Kisuno, CakeAssault, AZCards and myself in no particular order. But, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some other names in the top 8, like Handbutt and Turquoise.

    CakeAssault: In order — CakeAssault, Penguin, MSB, LBO, DolphinBrick, FullStream, Kaos, Turquoise.

    Huge thanks to everyone for sharing their insight today! Check out all their Twitter links below, and follow all the action this weekend at Shine 2017! See where and when to watch with the full Shine stream schedule.