Frostbite Preview: The Cubs

Last month capped off season 2 of the Rivals Championship Series with a thrilling event at Genesis 5. This week, the competitive Rivals action keeps rolling with Frostbite 2018. Many familiar faces will head to the Midwest to challenge for their shot at tournament glory. For two players in particular, this will be an opportunity to prove their merit as top competitors. The Kings and Cubs compendium fund allowed unranked players (Cubs) a shot at earning a trip to Frostbite. Today, we’d like to help you get to know our Cubs, BlooD and Quote_A a little better.


How did you get into competitive Rivals?

BlooD: My competitive background is a little weird. I’ve been a long time Halo player. I went to large events since MLG Dallas 2006. However, Halo slowly died off leaving me with a competitive void. I joined the military and served my time. Afterwards, I came back home and started working at a LAN center. There I found Smash 4 and I’ve been competing in that game since. After I began to get bored with Smash 4, a friend showed me Rivals and I instantly fell in love with the game. The combo game just was so fun and fresh. Now that’s literally my main focus with my competitive drive.

Quote_A: I grew up on Smash Bros, so before Rivals was announced, I was a Smash 4 player. One day I saw Dan’s posts about Rivals on /r/smashbros, back when he was first starting development, and was immediately interested. I bought the game as soon as I could, and joined the actual competitive scene when the game got a ranked mode in May 2016.

What does it mean to you to be competing at Frostbite as an “unproven” Cub?

BlooD: I was completely shocked and humbled when I was chosen as the first Cub representative. I’ve only been playing since October and I made that clear when I submitted my application. It does set expectations kinda high. Being chosen over some highly skilled players weighs down on my shoulders a little bit. However, I will do my best.

Quote_A: I’m not exactly “unproven”, because I used to be considered a top player. However, I’d like to prove to everyone that I’m not washed up, and that I can still hold my own against some of the best players of the game. I might only just be a Cub going into the tournament, but I intend to show that I can be a king.

How did you choose your main in Rivals?

BlooD: My main in Rivals was picked because I like heavies. I played DK at a decently high level in Smash 4, so I instantly tried Etalus and Kragg. Etalus was the one I chose, mostly because of that sweet upair grab. I thought it looked sick. Also it made my friend complain when I played him, so it was win/win.

Quot_A: When I first got the game, the first thing I did was jump into practice mode on random, and played a little bit of each character. Out of all the characters in that build, Orcane stuck out to me because of his down tilt, which was super easy to start combos with.
I actually kind of dual-mained Zetterburn with Orcane for a while on release, but then I saw some gfys from Turquoise on the Rivals subreddit and wanted to be able to do cool things like he was doing. So I stuck with Orcane!

Who are you most looking forward to facing in bracket at Frostbite?

BlooD: Frostbite is going to be my first large tournament for Rivals of Aether, so I don’t expect to do great, but I have been grinding and can keep up with the best of them. I have only been playing since mid-October, so I think where I am at competitively already is pretty good. People I would like to play against are: Fullstream, Windows, Lord Bagel… or literally anyone in the top 50. I think I can prove my skill against these players.

Quote_A: I’m most looking forward to fighting MSB and Windows. I go relatively even with them in friendlies, but haven’t had good chances to play them in a tournament bracket for a while. I’m excited to see how I stack up under pressure.


At Genesis 5 we saw the reveal for the new Earth Rival, Sylvanos. What are your opinions of the character based on what we’ve seen?

BlooD: Sylvanos looks insane! He’s a zoner… but a heavy. Like, thats super rare in platformers. He probably will be a bit broken in the right hands, but I cant wait to try it out.

Quote_A: He looks like a really fun character! Right now he’s got a couple of things that look pretty busted, but I think he’ll be alright after the beta testers get access to him. I’m excited to play him.

Now some less tournament-focused questions: When you’re not travelling to Rivals tournaments, what do you like to do in your free time?

BlooD: My free time is very limited. I am a stay-at-home dad so that is my main focus. I’ve been coined as Papa BlooD in my local community because of it and honestly I am blessed being able to stay home with my daughter every day.

Quote_A: I play Rivals online instead! When I’m not playing Rivals, I play a lot of Path of Exile. And when I’m not playing anything, I’m probably working on homework because college is horrible.

What are the three best types of breakfast food?

BlooD: The best breakfast foods are:
1. Pancakes
2. Cereal
3. Bacon
(list is ordered)

QuoteA: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and cereal. Fruity Pebbles, please sponsor me.

Who would win in a fight between Orcane and Blastoise?

BlooD: Okay this is a difficult question. Blastoise is strong… but if you have seen Adam Carra’s video, you would know Orcane is savage as hell. He doesn’t take prisoners.

Quote_A: Orcane could just back air Blastoise before he even had a chance to do anything, so I’m gonna go with Orcane.

Our thanks to BlooD and Quote_A for their time. Be sure to wish them luck on Twitter as they prepare for the tournament. You can catch all the Rivals action at Frostbite 2018 beginning on February 9th!

Rivals of Aether is now on Anther’s Ladder!

Last weekend Rivals of Aether quietly joined the list of games available on Anther’s Ladder. Now that the kinks are worked out and it’s a brand new month, it’s time to make some noise for one of the best Smash community sites out there. In addition to announcements throughout our community today, we’re also kicking off a raffle where you can earn more entries by playing. Read on to learn more.

What is Anther’s Ladder?

For the uninitiated, Anther’s Ladder is a community site and tool developed by Anther to make networking and finding online matches quick and effortless. Rivals players can now use the site to chat, help themselves find opponents, see detailed ladder history by character, and other great features that supplement Rivals’ built in netplay.



To get started, all you have to do is create an account on the site and add ‘Rivals of Aether’ to the list of games you’d like to play. After that you can find opponents in chat and start matchmaking in friendlies or ranked games. Make sure you have your Steam profile handy as you’ll need to invite your opponent through friendly matches.



To celebrate the addition of Rivals to Anther’s ladder, we’re holding a raffle for some sweet Rivals posters and DLC.


To enter, make sure you’re listed on season one of Anther’s ranked ladder by the end 2/16/18. Players will also receive an additional entry for every 10 games on their ranked record! For example, if the contest ended today Menace would receive 3 chances (1 for being listed on the ladder and an additional 2 for having 22 games played).


The contest winner will receive their choice of Rivals MuffinBros poster by Eric Y Huang, as well as a bundle of some of the newest DLC. Good luck to everyone and we hope you enjoy this new way to play!

Community Roundup #15

Welcome back for the latest community roundup, where we highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals art, music, videos, and more. This is #15 in the series and will have a slight lean towards Sylvanos since there has been a lot of great fan reactions following his announcement.


Sylvanos certainly seemed to catch a lot of artists’ eyes, with fan art already showing up just hours after his reveal. A few people even wanted to explore his cuter side.










We even got a baby Maypul (who was pretty upset in the trailer).






A post shared by LobaDraws (@lobadraws) on




A few local scenes also put out new power rankings in January. As far as we’re concerned these are works out of art as well. If you’re a Rivals player in these areas make sure you check out your locals!





We love this super chill lofi mix of the main menu music that [ p w r ] put together using sound effects from Maypul.


THS | Mokun and some other Colombian players have also been putting in work to grow their local scene. If you’re interested in Rivals from around the world you can see their latest top 4 right here:

We featured Jarek’s highlight video in our event wrap-up for singles, but he also put a lot of work into a doubles version that people might have missed.



Absa Gang from RivalsOfAether

That’s it for this community roundup! Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites, and be sure to give the creators some love.

Genesis 5 / RCS S2 Wrap Up

Genesis 5 is over, and with it came the conclusion of season 2 of the RCS and the crowning of a new champion. If you’re new to the scene, the Rivals Championship Series is our premiere circuit for official Rivals events. Players compete over the season to earn points and prizes, and eventually duke it out at our finals which took place at Genesis 5 this year. Read on for an in-depth wrap up on all of the action there as well as a hint at our competitive plans for 2018.

Rivals Top 6

Character Reveal

Local events are always a great experience, and sometimes we get to make them even better by bringing something special. This time we revealed our next character – Sylvanos, The Heart of the Forest – and also held a live version of our new developer podcast.

Players who were able to make it over to the Folsom Street Foundry also got a chance to get their hands on him early by playing him in the GameVibes pre-G5 event.


In addition to this singles bracket being our most stacked tournament ever, we also had a record breaking prize pool of over $12,500. Players came from all over to meet their Rivals friends, compete, and test their mettle in the RCS World Finals. At the end of it all T2 | CakeAssault stood victorious as the RCS season 2 champion after winning an uphill battle through a game 5 reset.

Congratulations to all of our top 16, and thanks to all of our competitors who joined us at the event to help make this a piece of Rivals history.

Standing Player Character
1st T2 | CakeAssault Forsburn
2nd Panda Global | FullStream Ori
3rd MrLz Maypul
4th TUX | LBO Zetterburn
5th TUX | DolphinBrick Orcane
5th AF | Windows WrastorKragg
7th Protagify Absaclairen
7th Kaos Maypul Etalus
9th FlySociety | TurtleBox Kragg
9th TwistedSin | FailWhale EtalusKragg
9th T2 | Penguin Absa ranno
9th VexX | AZCards kragg@32
13th Jesier Ori
13th MSB absa@32
13th Ralph clairen
13th ZeeBee Kragg
Full Standings >

If you missed the action while it was live, you can find the VoDs from ShowdownGG and VGBootCamp already on YouTube. Jarek has also released one of his patented highlight videos if you’re looking for a shorter recap:


The doubles bracket took place solely on Friday and also broke Rivals records for the level of talent and size of the event. Players made some exciting showings with their friends or sponsored teammates, with T2 | Penguin and T2 | CakeAssault eventually taking home the gold.

Standing Team Character
1st Team Tempest T2 Esports Team
(T2 | CakeAssault & T2 | Penguin)
forsburn absa
2nd Twisted Team
(TS | FailWhale & TS | SBS)
forsburn kragg
3rd FullBox
(PG | FullStream & FS | TurtleBox)
Ori kragg
4th Cerveaux d’escargots
(Kaos & VexX | AZCards)
maypul kragg
Full Standings >

You can find the doubles event VoD playlist on ShowDownGG’s YouTube channel.

Event Photography

This year we brought out Xenos Mccloud for some dedicated Rivals photography at G5. He did an impressive job capturing the event and you can find all of the images in his flickr album. Take a look to find a picture of you and your friends, or just get a better glimpse of what a major is like if you weren’t able to attend.

What’s Next?

Even though this closes out season 2, competitive Rivals fans have nothing to fear. We’ve got plenty of esports endeavors in store for this year. In addition to our next Rivals event at Frostbite 2018, we have plans for a new official PR, season 3 of the RCS, and new events with exciting new partners.

Keep an eye out for more competitive news as well as a 2018 event schedule coming soon.

G5 Interview Series: Before the Storm

One year ago, we crowned the first-ever RCS champion. Since then, we’ve seen new sponsors join the Rivals scene, new stars rise to challenge the old guard, and more Kragg forward-airs than any man could count. This weekend, the next chapter of Rivals of Aether’s competitive history will be written as every top player heads to Genesis 5 to battle for the title of “best in the world”. We caught up with several of the biggest contenders for the throne to hear about how they’ve been preparing for the RCS championship.

What are your goals for the tournament at Genesis 5?

FullStream: My goal for G5 is to win, but I think that’s obvious. There’s not much more to explain there.

AZCards: I think it is everyone’s goal, but to get first place. I don’t want to settle for anything less because I know I am capable of getting the gold.

Windows: My main goal is to get top 8, that was my mindset going into RCS October and I won that so clearly I’m going to win Genesis. In all seriousness, I want to remain composed, as long as I don’t let my nerves get to me and I play my best I’ll be happy with whatever placing I get.

LBO: To perform well. I don’t care about placements as much as I care about performing to the best of my ability. If I play like a god and lose to a better god, I’ll be fine. My biggest disappointment comes when I don’t play to my potential.

Kaos: I want to have fun and show some good plays. I realized I play my best and enjoy playing more when I don’t care about winning or losing, so that’s my goal.

Dolphinbrick: I want to play better than I was before. I want to be able to watch my replays from G4, compare them to G5 and notice a substantial difference.

Penguin: My goal is to show just how good I can be at a local. I don’t think my previous tournament placings have shown my full skill and I want to use this as an opportunity to beat a few of the people I’ve never beaten offline.

What have you been doing to prepare for the event?

AZCards: To prepare, I have been playing friendlies with the guys from ICE. Our skill levels are really close so it’s easy to push each other to get better. I also make sure and give myself breaks so that I can have time to digest what I have been learning.

Windows: Not for Genesis in particular, but for my overall well being I’ve been working out and taking breaks from RoA when I need them. Improving my physical and mental health will be key factors going into G5, I’m confident in my skills as a player enough to not need to grind out tech.

LBO: Practicing a ton. I debated switching characters but I think I’ll be going all Zetter once again. My Zetter is better than ever and I have some new tricks up my sleeve that I’ve labbed out.

Dbrick: Playing whenever I can. I try to get games in with the best players that are available. I also watch replays to catch my bad habits and nail down bad habits from other players.

Who are you most excited to see at G5?

FullStream: I don’t think there’s one person in particular that I’m the most excited to see. I enjoy seeing everyone in the Rivals community for each event, and then there’s going to be an Ace house so I’ll be spending more time with them as well. On top of that I get to see the same, and some more, Panda Global people at G5, so I’m excited for that as well!

AZCards: I am always most excited to see my friends from ICE. They are a great group of people to be around and we always have fun. They’re the reason why I’m still playing this game and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be at the level I am today. I owe a lot to them.

Windows: I honestly can’t answer this with one person, this will my first chance at hanging out with so many friends I’ve made online, I look forward to seeing everyone.

Kaos: SNC and Windows because it’s always cool to meet people that you only knew online before. But overall I’m also excited just to be there and meet everyone again.

DolphinBrick: All of the ICE boys!

Penguin: I’m most excited to meet some of the other ACE members IRL and hang out with them the whole weekend at our Airbnb. I’m also extremely excited to potentially meet Turtlebox’s dog, “Waffles”.

Outside of the singles bracket, what are you most looking forward to?

FullStream: Basically everything! Doubles, seeing everyone again, watching Melee/Smash 4 top 8, etc. The whole event is something I greatly look forward to.

Windows: Even including the singles bracket, I’m looking forward to doubles the most. I feel like the RoA Doubles meta is vastly unexplored, and Slime Mage is someone who’s shares the same drive for 2v2 that I do. Aside from that, this will be my first local event that I know I’m going to commentate in advance, and I can’t wait to have fun on the mic at such a prestigious tournament.

Kaos: Doubles bracket of course! LBO and I realized that it would be too easy for us if we teamed again, so I’m teaming with AZCards this time.

What does it mean to you that Rivals has been a part of Genesis for back-to-back years?

FullStream: Genesis seems to be the event for rivals since it is the Season Finale two years in a row. That alone makes Genesis very important to me and brings a lot of hype to the event.

AZCards: It means that the game is doing well and you can see that it has been growing in popularity since last year. I’m really happy for Dan, and the rest of the crew, that the game is doing so well and has exceeded expectations.

LBO: I think it’s awesome. It shows that the growth has been going well for the game and we didn’t just fall off.

Kaos: Back when I played Brawl I remember watching the stream of the first Genesis and Armada’s run on Melee. Streaming was still in its infancy back then and it was a really cool moment, watching some high quality Smash with other friends and players at the same time. Having around 300 entrants was also impressive back then, Smash tournaments were a lot more niche with a small community of passionate players. Genesis always reminds me of these good memories, and I’m glad that RCS finals are held there and that I have the opportunity to participate. It’s also nice that this time top 6 is played on Sunday in the theatre, just like Melee and Sm4sh, which shows that RoA established itself as a major game too.

Who are you looking forward to facing in bracket?

AZCards: I look forward to playing MSB at every tournament. Our matches are always tense but somehow he can still make it fun. I’m also hoping that I can beat some of the other top players like Fullstream, MrLZ, and LBO. It’s definitely a confidence booster if I manage to get a win from one of these guys.

Windows: I hope I get a runback with MSB at some point, our set at Dreamland was very close, and win or lose I feel like we’d put on a good show.

LBO: We only have a couple of truly top tier players. I want to be counted amongst them. I think if I can beat Ralph, Lz or Cake in locals then that will show that my double elimination of FullStream wasn’t a fluke and that I should be counted amongst the very best. That’s my goal.

Kaos: I’d like to face FullStream because I’ve been to the US twice already and never got the chance.

CakeAssault: Fullstream, MrLz, Arcanine, LBO. I want to finally not buster out against Fullstream. MrLz and Arcanine took me out at G4. LBO is fun to play against.

Penguin: I’m most looking forward to facing MSB, as I’ve played offline in tourney three times and I’ve yet to beat him. I’ve been close every time however.

This will be the first major tournament to feature Ranno and Clairen. How will the new characters affect the tournament meta?

FullStream: I’m pretty sure Ranno and Clairen are going to make big appearances at this tournament. If not both, then at least one of them, but they’re both just really good and aren’t too hard to pick up in my opinion. Having them appear in a local tournament for the first time will be very interesting to see.

LBO: They both absolutely trash Zetterburn so it will be an uphill battle for me. Expect to see them do exceptionally well overall especially in the middle rankings.

Kaos: I don’t think any player will rise or fall because of the new characters. That being said Ranno and Ori specifically are really strong and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of them in the higher rankings

DolphinBrick: Ranno is going to force people to tighten up their punish game, his fast aerials are good at breaking combos. Clairen is less developed, I’m not sure we’ll get to see a top-level Clairen yet.

We’ve gotten some hints, but what are your predictions for the new DLC characters coming this year?

Windows: I predict Bradshaw in a mech and anyone who suggests otherwise is a harlot. I’m also hoping for a sand snake, it’s anyone’s guess at this point until they’re revealed, Dan loves to troll us.

AZCards: It’s hard to say who the Earth Rival is. A lot of people think it’s metal- or sand-related but I’m not even sure. Even with beta insight, I still have no idea. The Air Rival is definitely a snake of some sort that pilots a mech. Dan held that Twitter poll and the snake won, plus the art on Elranno’s Twitter page looks just like a snake. Here’s hoping that the Earth Rival is a penguin who wields the power of sand.

Kaos: A snek in a mech, with an overheating mechanic like Rumble in LoL. Some kind of rabbit. And for the guest character, car from Rocket League.

CakeAssault: We’re definitely getting a snake in a mech suit. Then we’re gonna get a DLC skin that turns the mech suit into Car from Rocket League, sorta like Mario and Doc in PM.

DolphinBrick: They’re gonna be broken af.

Huge thanks to all our players for participating in our Road to Genesis interviews. You’ll find all their Twitter info below, make sure you support them as they prepare for the RCS finals. Genesis 5 kicks off on January 19th, so make sure to follow Rivals of Aether for all news and stream info. You can also see where and when to watch with the full Genesis 5 stream schedule.


Brawlhalla and Rivals of Aether Crossover Skins

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Brawlhalla to release our first ever crossover skin! You can now turn Maypul into the Legend Ragnir with this fiery alternate skin, including all new art and sound effects.

Check out the trailer below to learn more on how this crazy collaboration even came about:

Full details on Ragnir Maypul can be found on the Steam store:

To learn more about Ranno’s cameo as an alternate skin for Wu Shang, visit

G5 Interview Series: SNC

by Trent Murray

Rivals of Aether had a phenomenal 2017. Although the calendar year is over, there’s still one matter left to resolve–crowning the RCS champion. At Genesis 5, we’ll not only see the best talent from around the United States fighting for the title, there will be challengers from all over the world.

For Australia, all hopes lie with a player who recently dethroned fan-favorite Gabe as the AUS regional champion. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Australia’s new star, SNC.

SNC Interview - AU RCS Champion

Tell us a bit about your competitive gaming history before Rivals?

SNC: Rivals is actually my first look at competitive gaming. I had been watching a lot of Melee and Smash 4 in the year leading up to Rivals early access release, so when I saw it’s release on steam early access I instantly bought 2 copies, one for myself and one for a close friend of mine. We eventually discovered the Aus Smash discord server was running tournaments and both decided to give it a go, which lead us to our local scene.

The first event we attended my mate knocked me out in Winners Round 1, but I somehow managed to make the losers run all the way to Grand Finals to place 2nd losing to local legend Dreadtech. That little taste of the top left me wanting more and pushed me to stay in the scene and learn as much as possible.

How did you choose your main?

SNC: Despite being known for it, I actually didn’t start with Kragg. When I sat down to play my first local tournament I realised I had to decide who to play and settled on Zetterburn. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted with Zetterburn though and the longer I played him the more I felt that he didn’t suit me, so after 6 months of practicing Zetterburn I started looking elsewhere for a new main.

MSB had been releasing combo videos at the time and locally our best player was Dreadtech, Australia’s first Kragg main. I thought Kragg was still relatively unexplored and used them both as inspiration to learn as much as I could about the character.

Outside of the singles bracket, what are you most excited to do during your time in the States?

SNC: Unfortunately, my trip to the states isn’t going to be as long as I initially hoped, as I’ll need to be coming back home to work. Luckily for me, the week I have there is going to be so jam-packed that I can’t possibly be disappointed. To meet all of the players and community figures, the developers, housing with the TSMSB boys and just being a part of Rivals history–being at G5 is honestly a dream come true.


When you’re not playing Rivals, how do you spend your time?

SNC: I’ve had the past year off from Uni, so I’ve been mostly working part-time, spending a lot of time with my loving girlfriend and playing plenty of video-games! I adopted a dog in the last six months as well, which has been a huge challenge in itself, but I’ve loved having a pet in the house.

How did your family react when you told them you’d be travelling to the US to compete in a video game tournament?

SNC: They’re all honestly very supportive. They’ve known about it for a long time now, so they knew how badly I wanted to win the RCS series and have my shot over there. My girlfriend has even watched some of the streams for majors that I’ve entered in the past, such as BAM 9. Some of my old high school and Uni mates were a bit surprised when I told them, as most of them had no idea I was even playing video games competitively in the first place, but they’re all really excited for me now.

What does it mean to you to be representing your region at the biggest Rivals tournament as the AUS champion?

SNC: Nerve-wracking [laughs]! The best part about the Australian scene is that we’re a real tight knit community, everyone has met each other at local events, been to each other’s places for practice and travelled together for tournaments. We’re not just random usernames competing in tournaments anymore, in fact most of the scene call each other by their first names!

Travelling out to G5, it’s definitely a comfort to have their support, and I know that when I’m sitting down to play that the Aus scene will be back home cheering me on. So, as much I want to do well for myself I just want to make all those boys proud.

With a smaller practice pool in AUS, what have you been doing to prepare for the new DLC characters, since there’s less tournament footage of them played at the highest level?

SNC: Thankfully a couple of decent players picked up Clairen here, so I was able to lab out some setups and figure out a nice tempo to play against her, but in the case of Ranno I spent a long time practising the character myself.
Some of my findings can be found in the Ranno homework channel on the academy server, but after a solid month of only Ranno I had a pretty good feel for what he could do and how I had to approach fighting one. I haven’t decided whether my Ranno will be up to scratch to bring out in bracket though, so I’m putting all my efforts into Kragg now.


Who are you most looking forward to facing in bracket at Genesis?

SNC: I’d really like the opportunity to play either MSB or AZCards and flex my stuff in the Kragg ditto. It’s a relatively simple matchup, but there’s so many crazy things that the character can do that I would love to fight it out with one of NA’s best Kragg mains. RiskyCB is another player I would love to come up against in bracket, I really love his approach to the game and have learned a lot from watching him.

As the game continues to grow, how do think AUS compares to other regions in overall strength?

SNC: It’s difficult for me to say. I think there’s a really defined gap in skill in Australia, where our top 5 or so are being left unchallenged for the most part. Being a smaller scene makes it difficult for those players, I think, as we won’t have access to the same level of experience, matchups or even resources in some cases. Any of our top players could have success in America if they worked hard enough to overcome those problems.

I’ve personally made a real effort this RCS season to learn as much as I can about the game, being added to the Beta Team and becoming a mentor on the Rivals of Aether Academy Discord. I also spent four months writing a full Kragg guide, which definitely helped me as a player, and I hope some of you as well!

Two players I would really like to see travel to America for a national would be Neeson or Dave. Neeson has mained 6 characters in his time as a player, most at the highest level of play. If he were to travel to a major I know he would put everything he had into it. Dave has the most defined neutral of any player in Australia, and I’d love to see that stack up against the best talent that NA has to offer.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers?

SNC: Last week we released the latest Australian Power Rankings, so definitely check that out and share some love for our boys.

Australian Rivals of Aether PR

I also want to reach out to any Australian players out there who may not be in our community yet. If you’re from Australia and you want to play Rivals, you need to be in our discord. We’re always welcoming to new players, so join us at and introduce yourself in the #competitive-roa channel.

Our thanks to SNC for the interview, be sure to follow him on Twitter, and support all of our top players as they compete for the RCS championship at Genesis 5 on January 20th and 21st. Don’t forget to follow Rivals of Aether as well for more player interviews as we continue on the Road to Genesis.

Patch 1.2.5 Notes – Genesis Time!

We’re releasing a small patch today that’s a preparation for Genesis 5 next week. Most of the changes are bug fixes we wanted to fix before the big tournament but we also took a look at Ranno’s Forward Special to add some counter play to the attack.



  • We added a Sound Test to the Character Select screen that allows players to change the menu songs.


  • Fixed a bug that made the knockback on Kragg’s Rock Shards inconsistent
  • Orcane’s Jab artwork was updated to match his hitboxes.
  • Ori’s Dash Attack Jump Cancel only works on the sweet spot now. Before it could work during the last two frames of the sour spot which was not intended.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to ASDI certain moves such as Absa’s Up Strong and jump to get out of hitstun immediately.
  • Etalus Fair armor should no longer halt him when hit by two attacks in quick succession.
  • Maypul dash attack now links as intended (i.e. is more reliable) between hit one and two.



  • We updated the startup of Forward Special (Tongue) to have a visual that is easier to detect and react to.
  • The tip of the tongue during Forward Special now changes its visual when it is no longer active. This should help players approach Ranno after he misses a tongue by knowing when it is safe.
  • Forward Special now has extra frames of lag when parried and a new animation when it is parried. (10 > 68 frames) He lingers in the air for a bit if parried during aerial Forward Special. He now goes into normal parry lag at the end of the animation instead of extended parry lag which ends up with a total increase of around 30 frames in most cases when Forward Special is parried. This is to give Forward Special a bigger risk in performing since the reward is often quite high.
  • Ranno will no longer get his double jump back if he jump cancels his Up Special dive kick into another Up Special. This worked because of how Up Specials are restored for Tap Jump but Ranno was able to abuse it by chaining Up Specials which was not intended.



  • Kragg can now perform a Rockless Nspecial on a pillar that already has a rock pulled from it instead of Neutral Special doing nothing in that case.


G5 Interview Series: MSB

by Trent Murray

Genesis 5 is set to be the largest tournament in Rivals history. With a prize pool over $10,000 and the RCS championship on the line, players will be coming from all over the world to challenge the best of the best. One such contender will be Fable eSports’ MSB, an elite Kragg main from the early days of the competitive scene. We caught up with him to discuss his history with the game, his love of giant rock beetles, and how he’s preparing for the biggest tournament of his competitive career.


Tell us a bit about your competitive gaming history before Rivals?

MSB: I was a hardstuck platinum League player and a perennial 1-2 presence at Smash 4 locals. The only gaming-related event I was at before Rivals was Apex 2015, which ended up costing a nasty amount of money due to the relocation putting it an extra train away from where it originally was for me.

Only got to spend one day at the venue as well even though I intended for 3, and in order to catch the last train on Saturday night I missed nearly the entire salty suite. With those things in my mind, I kinda resolved to never spend that much going to an event again unless I had something more to get from it all.

What made you want to be a top Rivals player?

MSB: I went into Rivals without a lot of expectations, knowing that from my previous record in gaming that there wasn’t really much of a shot at going big time. But I ended up getting into it so early that everyone was really, really bad, giving me the time I needed to get comfortable without eating any big losses.

My mindset was the opposite of a growth one when I first started out, and being able to win a majority of my games drew me into it long enough for me to realize I could actually be something. I guess the simplest answer to why I wanted to be a top player was “because I could”. I’ve got nothing like it in any other game, and at this point I’m pretty content with how far I ended up coming.

What first drew you to being a Kragg main?

MSB: I saw him pillar to recover in the trailer and thought that was really cool; nothing like it was in any game I’d played before. Got the game after seeing it on a Mango stream and went into practice mode with grey-colored Kragg to see what his moves did. Then I beat up a level 9 Zetter by spamming forward air at the ledge and I was locked in.

What is your favorite memory from a Rivals tournament?

MSB: Got a few:

  • Get Good 12 – It’s a meme tournament in 2017, but winning a stacked online tourney with people I’d never beaten before was a great moment when it happened
  • Bigger Balc Losers Semis – Reverse 3-0 on someone I’d never beaten before, then instantly broke my own controller in the celebration and got washed in LFs. But I did get a trophy for 3rd place!
  • The first 5 minutes of Winners Finals at Smashcon – Boy I thought I was hot shit for those 20 seconds in between games 2 and 3. Immediately followed up with my least favorite memory from a Rivals tournament.
  • Heatwave – Whole day was a ride, a lot of crazy stuff happened this tournament. Aspiring above my 3rd place block was great.

Is there anything special you’re doing to prepare for Genesis?

MSB: Nothing especially, but a lot of general practice. There are people that play every character going there, so the best way to be prepared is to be more all-rounded. If I zero in on a particular thing I’m just going to get blindsided like I did at G4.

What other hobbies do you have outside of the game?

MSB: When I’m not playing anything I’ve usually got some kind of school/life project to be working on. But if there’s nothing to do I like taking walks.

Give us one movie or TV series that you would recommend that not everyone has seen? What do you like about it?

MSB: Oh man, I just straight up don’t watch TV or movies. But to make a game recommendation though, check out Slay the Spire. Rougelike deckbuilding is something I never knew I wanted until I picked that game up.

What’s one thing about you that your fans might not know?

MSB: The sunglasses pillow seen in a few images I have up is my travel pillow and I take it everywhere. It’s the exact right size to put in my bag without taking up too much space.

Anything else you’d like to say to the community?

MSB: Check out the Rivals Weeklies Show every Sunday at 7PM EST with me, Jarek, and a new guest every week! Not this Sunday though, Christmas and all.

Thanks again to MSB for taking the time to chat. Be sure to follow him and Fable eSports on Twitter. If you’d like to join MSB and the rest of the Rivals community at Genesis 5, registration is still open for a few more days over on smashgg:

Share Your Story: The Rivals Community (pt. 2)

Nearly one year ago, Rivals of Aether crowned its first RCS champion, Fullstream, at Genesis 4. As one of the most high-profile events in the Platform Fighter community, Rivals’ inclusion at G4 marked the beginning of a truly remarkable year for the game. With Genesis 5 a month away, it seemed like a good time to take a moment and reflect on where Rivals has come in such a short time.

Today, we continue with Part 2 of your responses. These questions focused more on the competitive side of the game as we lead into our world finals.

What was your proudest moment in Rivals?

At their core, fighting games are about growth, about constantly aiming for a larger goal. Every player has a different goal, but your constant pursuit of success is what keeps the game growing and moving forward.

For some, it was about reaching a benchmark:

A few weeks after the full game was out my hard work paid off and I got the best time for story mode boss (36s) I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself

-Adam Thomas (daybs)

So, I’ve had this game for, no more than 2-3 months now, and I would say my proudest moment in RoA, was winning my first Ranked match. Now normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but managing to stay ok in Puerto Rico after 66 days without any power (so no way of playing or practicing) I felt really proud of myself that I could still put up a challenge


Any time I get destroyed in the first game of a set, make an effort to understand/fix what I was doing wrong and can come back to win or not lose as badly in the remaining games I’m pretty proud.

-Zak “ZephyrEagle” Eidsvoog

So it was my first time playing rivals, I had seen it thanks to Alpharad in its early stages so I got it in game preview on Xbox as a birthday present. I remember saying let me play Zetterburn cuz he seemed pretty good. I then proceeded a match or two later to 0 to death someone with a flashy Nair to Fairs to Dairs combo. I was so hype and I’d say it gave me a taste of the fun and relief this game brought. Thanks to everyone who has made this community and game what it is today.


I’m really proud of the speedrun story mode achievement that was fun to get.


My proudest moment in Rivals of Aether was finding my main, Clairen. I know it sounds sappy, but picking up Clairen was one of the best experiences I’ve had playing a fighting game. With Rivals, every character caters to a different playstyle, be it hard zoning (Absa), hard rushdown (Maypul), and a whole host of satisfying heavy characters. That satisfying feeling, when a character fits you like a glove, is a feeling I’ve only felt playing Rivals of Aether.

-Lance Smith

Scoring gold medal in Forsburn story and achievement “The Lone Rival”.
As for the online matches… I think it will be revenge on my friend that bought me the game, he beat me very hard at the beginning and settling the score was a nice one!


Having joined the Rivals Community a bit late, I was always losing to everyone. Everyone I knew had played the game a lot more than I had. So, beating my friend who have had tens of hours of experience over me was an amazing feeling and my favorite moment to date.

-Luke Weaver

Many of our competitors thrive off the thrill of victory:

My proudest moment in Rivals of Aether is when I won my first local tournament a couple months ago, Smash Hut XX. I went in with a good mentality and was determined to win. And sure enough, I did. I only dropped one game, and it was in grand finals.


Proudest moment was either winning MSB Amateur Bout or seeing my improvement through winning 3/10 games with Dbrick


Proudest moment was the RCS in November. I seriously played my best during that tournament and felt so good after the win! I had won an RCS last year but it wasn’t the same since most of the top players were at Garden of Gods.
Definitely a turning point for me and I proved to myself that I can win tournaments still.


I won Genesis 4.


While many others relish the chance to test their skills against the very best:

My proudest moment in rivals was when I went head to head with Windows in a Wrastor ditto, and felt like I really stood a chance. He is a person I look up to and it meant alot to me, I could feel myself progressing.

-The Clownster

Top 8 at CEO Dreamland baby! When RoA top 8 got moved from Saturday night to Sunday morning I had already made flight arrangements to head home Sunday morning. So when I won my match to make top 8 I was like YES!! … … No!
That night the only affordable flight I could find for Monday morning was for Tulsa (2 1/2 hrs north of my car parked at my home airport) but I was very lucky to have amazing friends back home who were stoked to hear about my placement and willing to drive all the way out and back on a Monday evening to pick me up.
Receiving a medal was really really really cool.


Taking a stock off of Ralph’s Maypul on Exhibition with Kragg


My proudest moment in Rivals is going to the Bigger Balc. You’d probably think “so what it’s just going to a tournament” but I never get the opportunity to go to tournaments for Rivals since they aren’t close by. I got to experience a competitive Rivals environment for the first time and met some amazing people (one who became my mentor). Since then I’ve continued to play and improve with a passion I never realized I had. That passion shall never perish.


Taking one stock off Gabe at shine


When I took a game off of Dolphinbrick’s fraudulent Ranno :^)

-Koji “K-Munny” Tilley

My proudest moment would probably be getting 5th at CEO Dreamland. While the people I faced might seem like getting 5th was a task that wasn’t too easy, this was my first major tournament and not only was I battling the others in my bracket, but I was also battling an immense amount of nerves that presented themselves to me. Being up on stage caused me to feel incredibly nervous but I fought through the nerves and got as far as I did. A close second proudest moment would be when I see the improvement of the people in the local scene I have created. It makes me incredibly proud to see that people are improving in Rivals and that I have created a local South Florida scene to help them with that.


It’s hard to pick just one moment. When Rivals released in early access, I remember running into Jtails (the well known Smash 4 player) in an exhibition match. I remember having some good matches with his Orcane and it was all on stream, and getting compliments from him and others in his stream chat. I think that’s what convinced me to stick with my Maypul. Now I have hundreds of hours on the character, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.


i beat ralph


And for one of our own, it was all about getting a chance to create something:

It’s a tie between being hired, and making Ori. Getting hired was a big thing, because Rivals was pretty much my first real gig as a freelance artist; I had just quit my normal job, and the project I was going for died immediately, so I’m glad Rivals came into my life. But the proudest moment was making and releasing Ori, because it was a big jump in quality for me. I started animation with Rivals, so seeing Ori in action, and the community’s reaction, made me realise how much I had learned and grown as an artist! And it’s also around that time that I started interacting with the community, which is a huge boost to confidence and self-realisation. So, thanks a lot to Rivals and its player for all you brought in my life. <3


What is your favorite part of attending Rivals events?

All in all, you’ve shown us how important this community is to you, and what makes it so special. This is why we’re so excited to see you all at Genesis 5. In addition to connecting with all these amazing community members, there are a few things that make attending a live Rivals event truly special:

Attending Rivals tournaments means meeting new players and friends or even old ones. It’s the best way to communicate with the community and enjoy learning from them. Meeting and competing against these people is my favorite part of tournaments because I won’t ever feel pressured playing against friends. A Rivals tournament environment is very friendly and is without pressure to win, just to have fun!


To money match better players knowing you’re gonna lose

-Koji “Free-Munny” Tilley

How friendly people are and the fierce competition I get. I’m always thankful when people don’t get short with me because I thought I screwed up some tourney rule like stage selecting and ask if I did, but then I didn’t, but then I feel bad for potentially inconveniencing the other player.

-Daniel Hardy



Talking to devs/friends, travelling around U.S., and learning/getting better from local play. Winning is cool too.


When nature decides to cooperate and allow me to actually go to them, the best part of events for me is capturing memories of everyone I can at the event through photography! The smiles, the focused looks, and all the stirring emotions I can capture in images make for amazing memories to look back on. Viewing as a spectator and making/capturing moments is just as exciting to me as actually playing and competing.


Competing with real people. I’m not able to attend events outside of like 1-2 every summer, so actually playing locally against real people is a really nice change of pace to the 4000 matches I play against random people online who I’ve never met before.


Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this project. Special thanks to TrentEsports for putting the articles together and combing through the hundreds of responses we received.

If you’d like to join the rest of the community at the RCS finale at Genesis 5, sign ups are still going on over at!