Introducing the Rivals of Aether Streamer Program

Rivals of Aether Streamer Program

We want to work together with you to share Rivals of Aether with the world! Or at least the part of the world that visits Twitch…

If you’re currently a Twitch streamer that streams Rivals of Aether, or are a Twitch streamer who would like to stream Rivals of Aether, you can apply to be a part of our streamer program below.  If you meet the requirements we’ll support you by:

  • Giving you skin and/or game codes for giveaways on Twitch
  • Featuring your channel on our sites, broadcasts, or auto-host list
  • Inviting you for community events with other personalities on the main Rivals channel

Minimum Requirements for Supported Streams

  • You should have at least 50 followers
  • You should be an active streamer (i.e. stream with some amount of frequency)

If you don’t quite meet the requirements but still think you’d be a great fit, just fill out the form and let us know why in the ‘additional comments’ section at the bottom. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite Rivals streams right now:

Rivals of Aether Streamer Program
Enter your Username / Channel Name on Twitch
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Rivals of Aether is Coming to Xbox One Game Preview

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been working for quite a while now to bring Rivals of Aether to a certain game console, and today we’re excited to say that the wait is finally almost over! Rivals of Aether will be released for Xbox One Game Preview on July 13th, 2016!

If you’ve been missing the action without a PC (or just prefer to battle it out on Xbox) then the day you’ve been waiting for is almost here. The Xbox One version will have the same characters you know and love along with our ranked, training, and other modes. Purchasing the game in Game Preview also means that you’ll receive updates and the full version of the game for no extra cost as it’s released.  


Since the Game Preview program operates differently than Steam Early Access, our updates won’t be perfectly in sync across PC and Xbox. Right now for instance the Xbox One build is missing the Ranked Leaderboards.  Don’t worry though – Xbox players won’t miss any of the fun for long.  We plan to make our first update for the Xbox version sometime in August.

To all of our fans that have been waiting patiently, thanks for your support and we can’t wait for you to finally get a chance to play Rivals of Aether on Xbox One!

New Hire – Etalus – Community Manager

Good morning everyone!

We have a special announcement to make today as we near our upcoming release. Please join the Rivals team in welcoming George Rogers (@Etalus) as our new Community Manager / Producer!

Hiring George lets us ensure that the community’s needs are met while still keeping the developers on track for the full release. He’ll make sure your feedback is heard and the features that are important to you get full consideration. In addition to sifting through memes all day, George will also be heading up programs that connect Rivals fans both casually and competitively. He’ll be scouring the internet for all Rivals talk to solve your problems and answer your questions (pretty much a genie you can summon with an @ symbol).


“Rivals has a great scene and I’ve been excited about the game ever since I saw the early alpha builds. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Dan and the rest of the team on one of the best indie fighters around.”


Prior to working on Rivals of Aether, George served as the Digital Experience Lead for Capital BlueCross. He recently made the long trip from the East to West coast to join our team and has plans for tournament support, guides, merchandise, and much more! He will be a big help as we have our eyes set on expanding our community very soon by coming to Xbox One Game Preview. We’ll have news on that extremely soon so stay tuned!

Update Details – Ranked Mode Added!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a while since our last post but we have some awesome news for you! Rivals of Aether on Steam is getting a huge update from 0.13 to 0.14! And with this update comes some amazing features! To get a glimpse of everything we have added, check out this video from the Beefy Aether Doods:

Firstly, we have added a Tutorial Mode to Rivals of Aether to help beginners learn all the mechanics. You start off with the basics and move up to advanced concepts like Directional Influence and Wavedashing:


Secondly, we’ve polished up the HUD animations for players to get a bit more oomph out of their attacks:


Thirdly, we have added Ranked Mode to Rivals of Aether! When playing online matches, you can increase your Ranked Score in an Elo style system. You can compete against Rivals players around the world and try to climb the Ranked Leaderboards:


Next, we have added Stat Tracking! You can now track your progress across all your characters and even across different tags that you can add in-game. Create new tags to see how you are improving:


Finally we also have a ton of character balance and engine improvements that you can read here at our 0.14.0 Patch Notes Thread.

Thanks for tuning into this update. We’ll have some more news soon particularly about the Xbox One Game Preview version of Rivals of Aether. Sorry for all the delays on that front. Our 0.13 submission had some issues with multiplayer so we will be updating the Xbox Build to 0.14 then resubmitting. Hopefully we can get all the bugs fixed and both PC and Xbox One players will be playing the latest update in the near future!

New Feature – Take a trip through Aether!

Since we launched on Early Access in September of last year, we have gotten a ton of feedback and requests. Often players come to us with balance suggestions, character ideas or even new gameplay features that they want added to the game. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we will be adding one of the most requested features to Rivals of Aether – Tripping.


Tripping is an extremely popular and well liked feature that you may have seen in other platform fighters. We know that players love losing control of their character. However, one of the complaints about tripping when it was implemented in another popular series is that it felt too random and unpredictable. Since Rivals of Aether is focused on competitive play, we wanted our implementation of tripping to be as competitive as possible. Therefore in Rivals, you will now trip EVERY time that you try to dash. You will no longer have to worry about a random number generator impacting your intense matches. This implementation will be the most competitive version of tripping ever!


Now I know what you might be thinking, “Hey doesn’t that make characters who prefer the air much stronger?” Don’t worry! We thought about that too. In order to balance tripping around our entire cast, we are also introducing Air Tripping. Air tripping is triggered EVERY time you try to double jump. This makes it extremely balanced! We wouldn’t want to have some new ridiculous character such as a small bat with a sword terrorizing our high level play.


High level Rivals will now be even more competitive thanks to this new feature. The game will be extremely balanced and you will no longer have to worry about Forsburn’s awesome Dash Attack. Never before has tripping met the three F’s of competitive gameplay – Fair, Fun and Frequent! We expect fans of fighting games to be tripping over themselves trying to pick up a copy of Rivals of Aether.

Character Reveal – Etalus

The latest Rivals of Aether trailer was released today and shows off the final two Rivals coming to the initial launch roster of 8 characters, Absa and Etalus:

Along with the last two characters in the main lineup, we also have a new kind of stage coming to Rivals of Aether. Watch until the end to catch a glimpse – it’s sure to be a heavenly surprise to many of you :)


Etalus is a legendary warrior in his native land, the northern continent known as the Ice Barrens. He is one of the last surviving members of the Harbor Guard, an elite battalion that once defended the peoples of the Ice Barrens. Learn more at his character page.


Etalus is a heavy character who uses his control of ice to overwhelm opponents and even freeze them in their tracks.


When standing on ice, Etalus can use his Neutral Special to absorb the ice and create ice armor around his body.


Etalus can use his Down Special to shatter all nearby ice, instantly freezing any enemies who are standing on it.

I hope you all give Etalus a chance when he arrives on Steam Early Access on March 14th 2016. We will also have news about our Xbox Game Preview version very soon! Don’t worry, Etalus will be headed there too.

Official Tournament @ GDC 2016

I am happy to announce that we will be hosting an Official Rivals of Aether Tournament at GDC 2016.


It takes place on March 16, 2016 at The Foundry in San Francisco. The Tournament begins at 6PM PST and we will be at the Foundry until 12AM PST.

This event is being presented by us in partnership with ShowDown, the Humble Bundle, and [email protected]. Showdown will be hosting the stream on their Twitch Channel for all those who want to tune in from home.

We have already secured some of the best west coast Rivals and Smash Bros talent to compete in our Tournament. Here are a few that are confirmed to be attending:

  • Ralph – One of the top Rivals of Aether players in the world. He has secured first place in a variety of online tournaments since the game launched on Early Access in September 2015. His signature Forsburn is a combo king and he has recently been developing a Maypul too.
  • Tandori – Another top Rivals player who is one of the best if not the best Maypul player in the game right now. Tandori competes both locally and online and has been a threat to take every tournament he has entered.
  • Shaky – Shaky is one of the top Smash 4 players in NorCal. He became known during his Brawl days as one of the best Ness players in the world. He also picked up Ness in Smash 4 and competes with FOW as the best Ness player once again. He brings his smash experience to the Foundry as a new competitor in the world of Aether.
  • Trevonte – Another top Smash 4 player who also ruled the Brawl scene. After being a Fox main in Brawl, he transitioned over to Sheik in Smash 4 and competes with Shaky for the top spot in the NorCal scene.
  • Zex – A top Smash 4 player who has dabbled in Rivals of Aether. He also competes for the top spot in NorCal Smash 4 with his Sheik. He became known in the Smash community for his Metaknight and Marth in Brawl.

The winner will be crowned the Official Rivals of Aether Champion of GDC 2016. We will also be supplying a $500 Prize Pool for the Top 8 courtesy of yours truly.

How can you compete? There are two ways.

Firstly, we are reserving spots for prime Smash and Rivals talent. To apply, please send an email with a subject line of – GDC Tournament Application – *Your Tag* – to [email protected]. Then in the body explain why you have you have it takes to compete. To reserve a spot, you will have to confirm that you will be able to attend in person on March 16th in San Francisco.

Secondly, we will have a few open bracket spots available at the door on Wednesday night. These spots will be first come first serve to those who arrive right at 6PM. We make no guarantees on these spots being available, but if you arrive right at 6PM then you should have a good chance to enter the bracket.

This tournament will be taking place on Xbox One consoles. So practice up on your Xbox controllers if you plan to compete!

Oh… one last thing. This tournament will feature 8 characters…

Developer Update – November 2015

Hey Rivals Fans!

We are back with another awesome update. Absa, The Storm Architect, arrives today on Steam Early Access!


Absa will be available for all players until Early Access is complete in 2016. She uses her lightning skills to great effect. I hope you all enjoy playing this unique type of zoner as she definitely adds her own wrinkle to the Rivals of Aether roster.


Along with Absa comes Update 0.0.8, which is our biggest update yet! We have updated our Holiday Colors from Halloween to Xmas! Show your holiday cheer in style while playing Rivals of Aether:


We also made some adjustments to every Rival in hopes to bring some more balance and variety to the Rivals of Aether battlefield. Along with balance updates comes an exciting new feature for Early Access players called Developer Mode. With this feature, players can take their own stab at balancing and adjusting the Rivals in both Local Versus and Practice Modes. We wanted to give our fans a chance to experiment and give us feedback in a unique way that really captures the essence of Early Access:


In 0.0.8, we have fixed a few of the major bugs that have been plaguing Early Access. The biggest issue that we addressed was the input lag online when one player was playing the game slightly under 60 FPS. If that player gets slowdown for GPU reasons, then the game will now compensate online allowing both players to have a better experience. We also reworked Directional Influence to streamline the experience and help make it a bit easier to understand. Check out all the 0.0.8 Patch Notes to learn more.

We would love to have a date and update for the Xbox One Game Preview Launch but we are still working on the Xbox One build. We still need to work on Xbox Live Multiplayer as well as make sure we meet Xbox One requirements. We are well underway though and we hope to launch on Game Preview as soon as possible.

Finally we have some sad news to share. Johan Vinet, our wonderful stage artist, must depart from our happy Rivals family. He has done some amazing work and leaves us with a heavy heart. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! But fret not. We have a new artist who will be picking up where Johan left off:


Kenju is a fantastic pixel artist in his own right. He has worked on many projects including the critically acclaimed indie title, Undertale. He is bringing his amazing skills to Aether now and I can’t wait for you all to see the fruits of his labor!

And that’s it for November 2015. It has been an amazing month for Rivals and we hope you all have a great holiday season!

Developer Update – October 2015

Hey Rivals Fans!

Some big news today. First off, we have updated our Steam Early Access build to 0.0.7. This update brings some great bug-fixes and balance changes. Along with the updates, we are also introducing some spooky Halloween themed color palettes for Rivals players to enjoy:


These palettes are in addition to the 6 that are currently available to players. If you are enjoying the game on Steam Early Access, you can check out the Patch Notes here.

We have some more exciting news. Absa, the Storm’s Architect, will be joining the other Rivals during Early Access. She will be available to players on November 19, 2015!

Absa will be available to all Early Access players throughout the program until launch. She will also coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program when Rivals becomes part of that.

Thanks to your support, we were able to find a candidate to help us with the Xbox One certification process. We are still discussing the opportunity but hope to add him to our team very soon. We want to be on the Xbox Game Preview Program as soon as possible but do not have a date to share with you quite yet. We’ll have more news about the Game Preview Program later this year!

Development has been going well now that we have a ton of players in our ecosystem. The response to Rivals of Aether has been amazing and we are incredibly thankful for all your support. Here are some great press and community highlights from the past month:

Thanks again for all your support. Join us on our subreddit, get involved on Aetherboards, or follow me on twitter to stay on top of all the Rivals of Aether discussion.

Job Opportunity – Game Maker Programmer


Hey Guys! We are looking for a new member of our Rivals of Aether team! Right now we are integrating more features into our build and developing our platform for the Xbox market. This is where you could come in. We need a programmer to take the reins of our Xbox One branch with the goal of getting us into Xbox Game Preview Program later this year. If you share our passion for bringing a premiere platform fighting experience to next-gen consoles, check out what we’re looking for:

  • Requirements: At least one of the following experiences:
    • 1+ Year(s) experience with Xbox One Requirements / Certification and 3+ Years general software development experience.
    • 3+ Years Game Maker / Game Maker Studio Experience.
  • Qualities:
    • You have at least one shipped title on Steam, Microsoft Consoles, Sony Consoles, or Nintendo Consoles.
    • You can work remotely as a team and use Skype chat or gchat to check in.
    • You have familiarity with GitHub and other Source Control tools.
    • You can work with our contacts through email regarding our path to Xbox One.
    • You have some familiarity with working in agile-like sprints, and can manage your time effectively.
    • You’re efficient at communicating with our design and tech stakeholders.
    • You get equally excited about building a minimal viable product quickly as you are about cementing a feature in tested code.

This is a paid, remote contractor position that we’re trying to fill as soon as possible. Rate is negotiable based on your experience and resume. To apply please send a short cover letter in the body of an email, with your available start date in the heading, and an attached resume (.pdfs only please) to [email protected]. Please Label the subject line: Game Maker Programmer – Your Name.