Rivals Rep: Esports Icon Contest

Today marks the start of season 2 ranked ladder play. To kick off this season, we’re announcing a special event using the brand new profile icons that were added this patch.

Show your team pride

Along with the standard profile icons introduced yesterday, you might have noticed six select team icons in the game.


These icons are more than just cosmetic. For the next three weeks, each win on the ranked ladder while wearing a team’s icon will count as a point for that team. At the end of the event, the team with the most points will get a skin themed around their team added to the game. You can keep track of how your favorite team is doing right here:

Current Score

Burrito Esports
Fable Esports
Panda Global
Tempo Storm
VexX Gaming

We’ll be counting each game win toward the final score instead of just set wins. This means that even if you lose the battle you can still win the war. The event runs until July 13th, so choose a team to join and head to the battlefield today.

Patch 1.0.4 Preview [Profile Icons and Ranked Season 2]

We’ve got a small patch planned tonight to move us over from season one to season two for online ranked play. If you’ve been curious about the end of season rewards, then the wait is over! Read on for the unveiling of a brand new feature – Profile Icons.


Profile icons are a fun addition that give players the chance to show off their own style. Usable in any online mode, you can choose an icon to highlight your favorite character, exclusive promo goodies you have, or even signal which stage or character you want to pick to your opponent.

In addition to the standard set of icons we’ll also be giving some out as rewards. The ranked ones are an example of these and with this patch we’re giving out bronze, silver, and gold icons for players who’ve reached those tiers.


Don’t worry though if ranked isn’t your jam. There’s plenty of other ways to unlock icons ranging from completing achievements, reaching certain waves in Abyss, and more.


Everyone will be getting plenty of icons to play with tomorrow, but if you want a chance to get the ranked season 1 icons you’ve still got time. We won’t be rolling the season over until around 12AM PDT tonight. We wish you luck on your journey for bronze, silver, or gold if those have caught your eye!

Rivals of Aether – Ori Character Reveal

Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest is joining the Rivals of Aether roster this summer! In a collaboration between Dan Fornace LLC, Microsoft Studios, and Moon Studios, Ori has been recreated in beautiful pixel art to compete against the other Rivals. The Ori DLC will be available later this summer on both Steam and Xbox One for $4.99. It comes with the tag team fighters Ori and Sein as well as The Spirit Tree stage.

Ori and Sein bring their abilities learned throughout Ori and the Blind Forest and put them to the test in Rivals of Aether. While Ori works to Bash, Stomp and Glide their way to victory, Sein can use the Spirit Flame or the Charged Flame to put enemies between a rock and a hard place.


The new Spirit Tree stage comes with both a casual Aether version and competitive Basic version. On the Aether version, players will have to look out for Kuro as she dives toward the screen, striking those who have not taken cover under the platforms. Gumo, a fan favorite from Ori and the Blind Forest, also makes an appearance on the Aether version of the stage as he moves a platform around. Competitive players can play on the Basic version for a fair fight while enjoying some great music inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest.


You’ll be able to grab this amazing pair later in the summer. In late Fall 2017, you can look forward to four original DLC characters expanding the Rivals of Aether roster even further. Now is a great time to dive into Rivals and get some practice before Ori and Sein shake up the competitive scene!

Steam fans have been enjoying the full release of Rivals of Aether, but Xbox One fans do not have to wait much longer. The full release will arrive on Xbox One later this summer along with Ori and Sein. Players who enjoy the game on Xbox Game Preview can look forward to new single player content such as the Story Mode as well as the insanely fun Abyss Mode which is designed for 1-4 players to play cooperatively.

Community Roundup #11

Welcome back for the latest community roundup. Here we highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals stuff, from the lowliest memes to art of the highest order. Read on for our favorite music, art, general community happenings, and more.


ZomboGrub is a great artist that we’ve featured before. Here’s his newest Rivals drawing featuring Etalus. You can check out more on his DeviantArt.

Here’s Maypul done in a wonderful painterly style by Iguanodragon.

An adorable Chibi Wrastor by SpunkyRacoon

Just a smol Wrastor by Peppeypep

Absa, Ftilt Dtilt by Smaly

Zetterburn by Smaly

Smaly has some pieces that have been passed around the community before (and even featured in other posts of ours) but never directly in a roundup. We love his paintings and animations!


The Bigger Balc was our most stacked tournament since the RCS finals at Genesis 4. If you missed the action Jarek4Gaming put together a great highlight video from the tournament.

Ludvix gets some Rivals revenge.

Dimz Noms has some thoughts on Forsburn’s lore.



ThirstyWench got a ton of Rivals players to sign a shirt at The Bigger Balc. It’s always awesome to meet the community in person and now he’s got a souvenir with some of the greats.

Kisuno shows us the mind of an Absa (and how to get inside it)

/u/shadowkelp’s answer to the age old question, “Where did the loincloth go?”

_leon’s sweet Maypul snipe

And another example of mutual destruction by /u/otheusrex

That’s it for this week! Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites, and make sure to give the creators some love.

EU Top 20: Honorable Mentions

By: Yam, ERR40, OddBod, Slime Mage, Tom, Wisetom

This is part of an article series highlighting the European Rivals of Aether community, focusing on the top 20 EU players.

Articles in the Series

With Europe’s wide pool of talent it will always be hard to showcase every significant member of the community. As a result we decided to give a special spotlight to some of our other notable players that don’t only show what they’re capable of in tournament play, but are also well known within the circle of EU players.

AC Slater, Denmark zetterburn@32forsburn@32

ac-slaterThis guy is good. Let me rephrase that – this guy is amazing. As a top ranked Brawl player from Denmark, Slater knows his way around fighting games and it shows. He is one of those players that doesn’t play the character, he plays the game.

On nearly any character he’ll routinely outshine even the top tier players in the neutral game. He fundamentally understands the game and through stellar movement he makes his opponents bend to his will. Due to spotty participation to tourneys it’s impossible to accurately rank him however, so an honorable mention will have to do!

Issy, Netherlands kragg@32

issyOne of the greatest artists in the Rivals community, Issy earns a spot in our honorable mentions for his appealing art style which has brought many of our favorite rivals to life. He’s also no slouch in game, sporting a technical play style with Kragg.

While his results have kept him off the main list Issy is on the come-up with his recent Aethernity placings. We expect more improvement and upsets from Issy in upcoming season 2 of the RCS.

Clownster, Israel wrastor@32

clownsterThere’s only one reason why Clownster isn’t part of the top twenty and that’s his connection to the rest of EU. Even with yellow and red ping he’s still able to pull off an intense, combo-heavy playstyle that’s guaranteed to overwhelm his opponents. Clownster is also a great pixel artist.

With his slipstream enhanced movement he’ll be able to carry you from wherever you are on stage to your inescapable doom. Honestly, he could be the best Wrastor in EU, but we can’t be sure due to his ping! Therefore he’s on this list as an honorable mention.

EU Top 20: #3-1

By: Yam, ERR40, OddBod, Slime Mage, Tom, Wisetom

This is part of an article series highlighting the European Rivals of Aether community, focusing on the top 20 EU players.

Articles in the Series

Champion KraggYou can sign up for the first EU tournament in season 2 of our free, online circuit over on smash.gg. Everyone who plays in the event will receive a Champion Etalus skin. If the event reaches 125+ registrants, everyone who plays will also receive the brand new Champion Kragg skin.

Rank Results Rivals
03 RCS-icon #8 zetterburn@32kragg@32

The old King of Europe, Transco doesn’t have a particularly high tournament attendance these days. Despite this Transco has placed top 2 in all but one tournament of the 6 he attended, losing only to Kaos and Neylax in Sunday Rivals 11.

Transco’s Kragg is truly one of the finest in Europe. Though not very heavy on the rock usage, he has a terrific mental game and knows where to place his moves to be the most effective. He’s 2 steps ahead at all times and has the fortitude to not falter and clutch out games at the last second.

We hope to see Transco bring himself back to the position of best in Europe as he’s shown tournament interest again since the full release.

Rank Results Rivals
02 RCS-icon #4 zetterburn@32forsburn@32

Sitting right behind his fellow countryman, Neylax has held second place in the EU scene in the most constant of ways.

He is always a fan favourite and shows great prowess with his combo game across multiple characters. In season 2 of the RCS we hope for Neylax to finally break the streak and land that sweet first place over his two main obstacles: Transco and Kaos.

Rank Results Rivals
01 RCS-icon #1 zetterburn@32etalus@32forsburn@32maypul@32

The undisputed titan of European Rivals, Kaos has not lost a single EU tourney since Untamed 3 one year ago.

Kaos dominates the tournament scene with essentially any character of his choosing. He has taken taken tournaments as Zetterburn, Orcane, Forsburn, Etalus and more, mostly switching up characters with any major patch. His suffocating playstyle puts pressure on the opponent like very few others could, and we’re sure to see the Brawl legend make great strides once again this year.

Community Roundup #10

Welcome back for the latest community roundup. Here we highlight our favorite fan-made Rivals stuff, from the lowliest memes to art of the highest order. Read on for our favorite music, art, general community happenings, and more.


Zetterburn Wallpaper from CRcopper, an adaptation on ZomboGrub’s Zetterburn piece.

Adorable Kragg by Kiyo.

“Beta screenshot from the Rivals Visual Novel DLC” leaked by Kenneth.

Squiggles commission for the Etalus player LordSnackington.


“Look behind you.” MrKibbles7 showcases Forsburn’s deceptive talents at their best.

Mrinohk shows us true deception with Forsburn in online play

Sino so fancy. Who says Zetterburn can’t recover?

Jarek once again put together an awesome highlight video, this time of our first ever Australian major at BAM9. This video was featured on shoryuken and is a great look at some of the major players coming up in the AU scene for season 2 of the RCS.

Jarek also put his own Zetterburn combo video recently.

The NEO! crew loves to put together combo videos and have been creating a steady stream of them lately. Here Rottweiler shows off his Forsburn in “Rottblock”.


ProDoubleSushi’s Forsburn Guide
ProDoubleSushi, a talented player with a long history in Rivals, has put out one of the most comprehensive guides ever for Forsburn. It’s filled with tons of useful information ranging from quick tips to detailed, specific strategies and data. I highly recommend this guide if you’ve ever been interested in Forsburn.

Golden Elite’s Absa Guide
Golden Elite (already known as far as guides go for his popular Zetterburn guide) has just put out a new guide for Absa. Following his other format it covers everything you’d ever want to know about Absa.

Here’s a look at the foil Steam badge for Rivals of Aether. This is the first one the dev team has seen in the wild so congrats to Solar on crafting it.

A few eSports organizations have either added more Rivals players or entered the scene in the past few weeks. Here’s a recap for those who might have missed it.

Congratulations to Turtlebox and ProDoubleSushi on being picked up by FlySociety!

Congratulations to DolphinBrick on being sponsored as VexX’s first Rivals of Aether player.

Congratulations to AZCards for also being picked up by VexX. Both of these players will be ones to look out for at Bigger Balc this weekend.

EU Top 20: #10-4

By: Yam, ERR40, OddBod, Slime Mage, Tom, Wisetom

This is part of an article series highlighting the European Rivals of Aether community, focusing on the top 20 EU players.

Articles in the Series

Champion KraggYou can sign up for the first EU tournament in season 2 of our free, online circuit over on smash.gg. Everyone who plays in the event will receive a Champion Etalus skin. If the event reaches 125+ registrants, everyone who plays will also receive the brand new Champion Kragg skin.

Rank Results Rivals
10 beast-icon #4 absa@32forsburn@32

Acting as head TO of multiple local RoA events such as T.O.A.S.T. and Beast7, Yam strives to provide the best local tournament experiences possible. Often settling near the top 8 (with a solid 5th place during the RCS as well) Yam has established himself as one of the top Absa in EU with great utilization of all of Absa’s kit. He has taken sets off of Hukon, OddBod, as well as going close with Kaos. Yam is hungry and ready to jam for RCS season 2.

Rank Results Rivals
09 RCS-icon #30 zetterburn@32

Even though LZG, the Zetterburn from Portugal, is a relative newcomer to the competitive scene he’s already made his mark. People first started to take notice when he began routinely beating top tier players in tournaments and friendlies. His playstyle is comparable to Kaos in the sense that he consistently manages to create an opening in the neutral game and then rely on the fundamental strengths of the Zetterburn kit. With no signs of slowing down we are sure to see LZG rise even further in competitions this year.

Rank Results Rivals
08 RCS-icon #2 orcane@32maypul@32

The orcane from Norway everyone fears – Hukon forces his opponent to change the way they fundamentally play the game. His spacing and neutral game are rock solid; a flawed engage will immediately be turned around with the sleek combo game we’ve come to expect from this top tier Orcane player. He’s patient, and picks his spots well. These factors make him a force to be
reckoned with, and because of that he landed the number eight spot on the power ranking.

Rank Results Rivals
07 aethernet-icon #1 orcane@32kragg@32etalus@32

Though he’s not the most combo-heavy player on the list, Pat makes up for it with his wits and in-depth knowledge of each character’s kit. Despite being a multiple-character main, Pat always manages to keep up with the best of the region. His versatility gives him a unique advantage over his opponents by forcing them to adapt on a game-to-game basis. He’s comfortable in mixing up his own playstyle or counter-picking his opponents’ playstyles, character, or whatever particular weakness they might have. Pat has shown time and time again that he has what it takes to place within the top 6 at tournaments.

Rank Results Rivals
06 beast-icon #1 orcane@32absa@32forsburn@32

Coming in strong from the very start of his career with the help of his background in Project M and Melee, Slime Mage has been one of the top EU rivals since the beta times. He’s gone through a variety of different characters and has seen consistent top 8 placings regardless of character picked up. He describes his style as a focus on movement akin to figure skating, being nimble and dancing across the stage.

Not afraid of going abroad, Slime has attended multipe local majors such as T.O.A.S.T. and has always placed at least top 3 in every event attended. His best local performance was first place at Beast7 in his homeland and he’s shown that he intends to stay one of the best EU players for the upcoming RCS season.

Rank Results Rivals
05 RCS-icon #13 zetterburn@32

“Wisetom: an enigma. Body of an adonis; his mind, akin to the greatest philosophers to have ever grazed this planet, crossed with Albert Einstein’s. Quick adaptations, unbelievable mindgames, unrivaled recovery game, all and more are part of his gameplay. But to Wisetom Rivals isn’t just a game, it’s a form of self expression. You can tell when Wise is playing, it becomes so much more than a game. It’s art, it’s drama, it’s comedy and above all it’s genius. That’s the one word you’ll always associate with the Tom and Only: genius.” ~ Wisetom, 2017

[Editor’s note: This is why you don’t allow players to write their own bios.]

Rank Results Rivals
04 RCS-icon #3 zetterburn@32

OddBod is maybe the most legendary player of the EU community. As the creator and former head TO of the EU discord he’s responsible for bringing most of us together, but that’s not the only reason for his legendary status. OddBod goes all-in, always. With his overwhelmingly fast and accurate combo game, playing against OddBod will often times leave you feeling helpless. Thanks to his incredible proficiency with Zetterburn, OddBod manages to produce plenty of highlight plays and top placings in tournaments consistently.

EU Top 20: #20-11

By: Yam, ERR40, OddBod, Slime Mage, Tom, Wisetom

While the European scene might not be showcased as often as NA, Europe has many strong players and contenders vying for top spots within the community. To get to know some of our EU players better and highlight their talent, we’ll be counting down Europe’s top 20 players over the course of 3 days – finishing up before the first EU RCS.

This article series was put together by the group of EU players listed as authors above. While results did play a part in the making of this list it took a bit of a backseat to a more opinionated approach, meaning all panelists made their own individual lists of players and then averaged out the results. These players are all veterans in the EU scene with most participating in positions of authority, as TOs, or in other capacities that would give them insight into rankings.

Champion KraggDon’t forget, you can also still sign up for the first EU tournament in season 2 of our free, online circuit over on smash.gg. Everyone who plays in the event will receive a Champion Etalus skin. If the event reaches 125+ registrants, everyone who plays will also receive the brand new Champion Kragg skin.

Articles in the Series

Rank Results Rivals
20 RCS-icon #35 zetterburn@32

One of the head tournament organizers for the European Rivals scene, Tom rolls in on the edge of the EU top 20 list with a fiery Zetterburn. He secured this position through his consistency and a solid top 6 placement in the EU RCS. His passion for the game is strong and we’ll be sure to see more of him in upcoming tournaments.

Rank Results Rivals
19 RCS-icon #5 maypul@32orcane@32

Though he started as one of the strongest players during season one of the EU RCS, _leon has dropped off considerably after his switch from Orcane to Maypul. However, his results during the time are still nothing to scoff at having taken sets off of ERR40, Oddbod and consistently beating Fullmetal. His ranking being held back by his recent performances, we hope to see a return to the glory days of _leon’s prime in season 2.

Rank Results Rivals
18 roa-eu-icon #3 zetterburn@32

Frogzy is another player with top 10 potential looking to return to his former glory in season 2. Frogzy plays a mean Zetterburn with great patience, his strongest performance being a top 3 finish at Saturday Rivals 10 where he double eliminated _leon as well as Fullmetal. With a top player goal in mind Frogzy intends to show his determination and take down the current champions of EU.

17. Fullmetal – Vincent Wolthuis, Netherlands
Rank Results Rivals
17 RCS-icon #16 wrastor@32kragg@32

FullMetalThis old ace Wrastor players completes our trifecta of competitors coming back to fight for relevance. After having switched off of Wrastor in favor of Kragg, he’s having a rocky start. However, he’s confident that we’ll soon be seeing progress and Fullmetal is sure to pull his own weight and make a return for season 2.

Rank Results Rivals
16 RCS-icon #26 zetterburn@32

Having one of the more unique Zetterburn playstyles in EU, Bert has shown his worth by being a fairly consistent top 8 placer in the latter half of the EU RCS as well as the Aethernity series. He has proven himself to be able to play very close with players of higher caliber such as Pat and ERR40. We wish to see his unique set of skills further develop to push his way into the top during Season 2.

Rank Results Rivals
15 beast-icon #3 kragg@32

Amaranthx may not be the strongest Kragg in Europe, but he’s certainly no slouch when it comes to utilizing his kit. In addition to placing consistently near the top 8 in online events, Amaranthx also had a great showing at Beast 7 where he took down Yam to net himself 3rd place. Ama can tussle with the best of them on a good day and we’ll be glad to see more of his play in the future.

Rank Results Rivals
14 RCS-icon #6 absa@32

Coming in as one of the definitive Absa mains in Europe, Wauschi’s usage of bread and butter combos has made him a force to be reckoned with. His use of Ftilt has developed phenomenally over his playtime and he’s seen even more improvement in other aspects of Absa play. With these new techniques being added to his arsenal and his play constantly improving, it’s only a matter of time before Wauschi is able to slay the top brass in the EU scene.

13. Godly Greedy, Finland
Rank Results Rivals
13 RCS-icon #10 maypul@32absa@32etalus@32

GodlyGreedyTaking into account his limited but compelling results, GodlyGreedy has shown his strength with a multitude of characters in the past such as Absa, Etalus, and even Maypul originally. Though he is currently branded as inactive in the tournament scene we hope to see a burst of activity again for this new RCS season.

Rank Results Rivals
12 RCS-icon #9 kragg@32

The strongest keyboard player in Europe, Cyberstorm rolls in with a fierce Kragg that shows phenomenal usage of special moves and smart play. Cyber may have some of the more inconsistent placings of the people on this list, but also the capacity for the biggest upsets – able to take down plenty of Europe’s strongest such as ERR40, Slime Mage and Hukon Riisu. With any luck Cyber intends to keep up his strong showings in season 2.

Rank Results Rivals
11 beast-icon #2 kragg@32

ERR40 is UK number one, admin of RoAEU, and one of the earliest players from around the European scene. Having one of the strongest mental games in the community, Error solidifies himself as one of the best and has never strayed from this path. Error has stayed with Kragg for his entire career and we see no hints of him ever stopping. He is certainly capable of playing at a higher level but unfortunately has had to withdraw from multiple tournaments due to his connection which holds him back on this list.

Summer Lovin’ – 1.0.3 Patch Notes

With The Bigger Balc coming up this weekend we wanted to put in some changes we’ve been working on before the big event. Though most of this patch was catching up on bugs, we’ve made some changes that will affect competitive play as well as big improvements to keyboard controls. We’ve also added the Champion skins that people earned last Saturday during the Road to Shine. Read on for the full patch notes.

Stage Updates

Several of the new stages have been tweaked with competitive play in mind.

  • Tempest PeakPlatforms now indicate when they are about to move with visual cues on the air council statues. The platforms also move less often. Top blast zone reduced by 16px and side blast zones increased by 16px.
  • Aethereal GatesPlayers now start the match further apart.
  • Endless AbyssThe huge space, lack of platforms, and massive blast zones really limited approach options and caused some slow play that was uncharacteristic of Rivals. We’ve reduced the size of this stage all around, taking 36 pixels off the sides and decreasing the total ground width by 160.


New promo skins are on the way as we get ready for summer events and season 2 of the Rivals Championship Series.

  • New Seasonal Colors: SummerIn honor of the beautiful weather and summer themed events coming our way, a new set of summer colors are available for each character.
  • New Champion SkinsChampion Kragg and Champion Wrastor have been added to celebrate the start of season 2 of the RCS. Earn these by playing in free online RCS events. You can sign up for NA, EU, and AU events on smash.gg.
Champion KraggChampion Wrastor


  • Team Spawns UpdatedSpawn points for team matches have been made more symmetrical. Teammates now also spawn on the same side of the stage so that players can no longer start in an advantageous position below their opponent.
  • Keyboard C StickRight stick buttons have been added to the keyboard controls.
  • Sound Test MenuYou can now listen to the Rivals soundtrack in-game, accessible through the ‘Sound Test’ menu.


  • Zetterburn’s Fstrong hit 1 is now properly untechable again
  • Etalus can no longer pull frozen enemies through moving platforms
  • Fixed an Etalus shader issue that caused him to become oddly shiny in playtest
  • Etalus Freeze can no longer cause an invincibility bug on the Aether version of Air Armada
  • Players are no longer able to be frozen when standing on ice after a successful parry of hit 1 of Etalus’ Dspecial
  • Orcane’s puddles now behave properly on platforms
  • Strong attack press no longer makes Maypul Fstrong to the right in playtest
  • Throwing a rock down now pops Kragg up the same amount whether he is on the ground or a platform
  • Fixed a parry invincibility bug discovered by Arcanine:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when equipping runes and switching characters
  • Fixed a playtest issue that produced a fatal “Out of Bounds” error
  • Fixed a crash with Etalus ice in online playtest
  • Fixed a crash involving Abyss XP Piñatas
  • Fixed a replay desync issue involving custom controls
  • Stage data corrected on stage select menu
  • Hitboxes can now correctly hit both a rock and a pillar, instead of just one or the other
  • Red team is no longer invincible to lightning on the Aether version of Tower of Heaven
  • Cleaned up stray pixels on Absa’s character art
  • Corrected menu issue where the cursor didn’t work for some players in the Custom Color menu