Rivals Rep Icon Contest Wrap Up

During our second ranked season this summer we teamed up with some amazing organizations to run our Rivals Rep contest. In case you missed it, the event involved players repping their favorite esports teams for three weeks by equipping team icons in ranked matches. Each win a player earned while wearing an icon counted as a point for that team.

Though it started out fairly close between Burrito Esports, Edax Pro, Fable Esports, Panda Global, Tempo Storm, and VexX Gaming, Burrito Esports ended up clinching the win after nearly 20,000 games logged by our excited community.


This event wasn’t just for glory though. The winning organization also got the opportunity to add a skin to Rivals that was themed around their team. Since Burrito Esports has a pretty clear-cut aesthetic, we won’t spend too much time explaining our design process behind this skin. Without further ado we present Burrito Kragg:

Burrito Kragg

Burrito Kragg is available now in the RCS compendium. Just like this friendly competition was all about people banding together to support a common goal, picking up this skin continues that theme. Each Burrito Kragg purchase gives a 50/50 split to Burrito Esports and RCS events. This is a win/win that lets players support a great organization and the Rivals scene at the same time.

We’d like to thank all the teams who participated and encourage people to follow them and their exploits in the games you love. Gaming and esports is full of passion that extends throughout the whole scene, from the players to the CEOs, and this is one way we hope to bring people together to support it.

We heard a lot of great things about this event from our players and can’t wait to do another. If you’re an org interested in participating in our next icon contest we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]

Congratulations again to Burrito Esports and all the players who repped them on the ladder. We’re expecting great things from their top tier pickup LBO at the smash super major Shine later this month!

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