New Hire – Etalus – Community Manager

Good morning everyone!

We have a special announcement to make today as we near our upcoming release. Please join the Rivals team in welcoming George Rogers (@Etalus) as our new Community Manager / Producer!

Hiring George lets us ensure that the community’s needs are met while still keeping the developers on track for the full release. He’ll make sure your feedback is heard and the features that are important to you get full consideration. In addition to sifting through memes all day, George will also be heading up programs that connect Rivals fans both casually and competitively. He’ll be scouring the internet for all Rivals talk to solve your problems and answer your questions (pretty much a genie you can summon with an @ symbol).


“Rivals has a great scene and I’ve been excited about the game ever since I saw the early alpha builds. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Dan and the rest of the team on one of the best indie fighters around.”


Prior to working on Rivals of Aether, George served as the Digital Experience Lead for Capital BlueCross. He recently made the long trip from the East to West coast to join our team and has plans for tournament support, guides, merchandise, and much more! He will be a big help as we have our eyes set on expanding our community very soon by coming to Xbox One Game Preview. We’ll have news on that extremely soon so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “New Hire – Etalus – Community Manager”

  1. So is the Tower of Heaven going to be Absa’s stage? Or do you have something else planned for her and/or Etalus?

  2. I don’t own the game yet but will be getting it soon but I was wondering if you can use the GameCube controller for the Xbox 1 version of the game? If not is there an adapter I can get so I can?

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