Genesis 4 Wrap Up

With the conclusion of Genesis 4 last weekend, season one of the Rivals Championship Series has officially come to a close. We had a stunning first season and this amazing weekend came together thanks to all of the players who participated in the online weeklies, traveled to offline events, and supported the community through compendiums or by tuning into our streams.

We had an incredibly hype top 8 (check out this highlight video by Jarek4Gaming) and in a show of total domination, FlySociety’s FullStream took home the trophy and first place winnings of $4,464.

Coming out as the runner-up we had MrLz in second place taking home $1,674 and ICE | RK987 securing third place for $1,116. Here’s the full standings for the event:

Standing Player Character
1st FlySociety | FullStream wrastor@32
2nd MrLz maypul@32
3rd ICE | RK987 etalus@32
4th CakeAssault forsburn@32
5th CHV | Kaos zetterburn@32
5th Ralph orcane@32
7th ICE | AZCards kragg@32
7th ICE | DolphinBrick orcane@32
9th ICE | LBO zetterburn@32
9th Kenneth etalus@32
9th ICE | FailWhale kragg@32
9th The Dunkmaster kragg@32
13th Ace | Turquoise orcane@32
13th ICE | Cupz absa@32
13th Tandori maypul@32
13th ICE | Sino zetterburn@32
Full Standings >

Aside from having our singles event and all of the Rivals gameplay, we also made a few special announcements this weekend. Our biggest one is that we’ll be officially coming out of Steam Early Access on March 28th! This includes all of our single player modes like story and abyss, as well as some other features like achievements, leaderboards, and more. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our Steam launch trailer:

We also announced that we’ll be releasing a second plush, this adorable Etalus below that is now available for pre-order.  This will come with an exclusive DLC skin similar to the Orcane plush and is made by the same company (we love the quality and size).  You can reserve yours now on

Etalus Plush Preorder Announcement

This event wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who registered and came out to play, but we also wanted to thank some specific community members for the extra effort they put in.  First, a big shoutout to Solar for organizing doubles and the TAXI discord event server. We’d also like to thank our pool captains Youngblood, FailWhale, Solar (again) and others we asked to step up like Nevereatcars, LBO, and Handbutt.

Nuparu and his father (Paparu) also came out on Saturday and took a ton of pictures. We can’t thank them enough for the hard work they did capturing our event. I’ve picked a few of my favorites but Nuparu has also uploaded the entire collection online where you can grab photos of yourselves or friends from the tournament.

Group Photo after Grands

Photography by Joshua and Marlowe Burgess

Full Image Gallery Viewable on Drive >

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made this the biggest Rivals event yet. We can’t wait to see how the game grows. Stay tuned as we get closer to launch for more news about season 2 of the RCS.


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