Rivals of Aether Community Forecast

Hey everyone,

We want to share a few announcements today regarding Aetherboards and where we’re focusing our community efforts during 2017. Read on and let us know what you think of the news.


We will officially be retiring Aetherboards at the end of this month (2/28/2017).  With the full game launch on the horizon we want to focus our community efforts and meet you where you’re most active.

You don’t have to worry that closing Aetherboards will make it harder to get in touch with us. We have quite a few popular hubs that we frequent that are also teeming with players. Check out the communities below if you want to discuss Rivals or find players.


Rivals Discord Splash Screen

Our discord server is a great place to find opponents and meet other players.  It’s growing exponentially, and just this week we were selected for the official discord partner program. This means we get a few perks to buff our awesome community like VIP voice servers, custom invite screens, a sweet partner badge, and a couple other extras to make us stand out.

A big shoutout to all of our players who call the server home, Zam who founded it and the rest of the mod team who keeps it from being buried in memes.  We’re just shy of reaching 2k members so hopefully we’ll reach that milestone soon. Discord is also home to a bunch of other great Rivals communities like the RoA Academy, NCS Tournament server, EU Rivals, and too many more to mention. Check out the #rules-and-about channel in the main discord to find your way to the other discord servers.

Official Discord Partner


share this link to invite your friends



Rivals of Aether Subreddit

Most of the dev team are redditors so you’ll definitely be able to find us over on /r/RivalsOfAether.  Our sub normally has the most up to date news and events and looks beautiful to boot with a custom Rivals design by /u/kenxftw.

Steam Forums

Rivals Steam Forums

Our Steam forums have always been active and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. With Aetherboards leaving the picture, we’re taking this opportunity to reorganize the Steam forums and bring over some of our useful posts from Aetherboards. We’ve recently added subforums and our news and announcements will continue to be cross-posted in Steam News. If you’re a lover of traditional forums we hope you’ll make the move over to Steam.

Xbox Clubs

Rivals of Smash Bros Club

Xbox players are always welcome anywhere, but if you’re looking for an Xbox specific group then check out some of the Xbox clubs on your console or the Win10 app. Just search for “Rivals” and it should give you a list of the top ones to join. Our favorites are the ‘Rivals of Smash Bros’ and the ‘Rivals Competitive and Casual Club’. There’s tournaments, LFG, clip sharing, and more.

Other Channels


Wrapping it up, I don’t want to leave out the obvious social networks but also don’t think you need an example of what Facebook is at this point ;)

Rivals Facebook/ Twitter / YouTube / Twitch

We’re always keeping a watch over all of these channels and make a point to answer your questions and help troubleshoot issues. You can also contact us directly at [email protected] Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you online!


9 thoughts on “Rivals of Aether Community Forecast”

  1. Hey, now that Forsburn loses his smoke when he’s parried, a bunch of weird stuff can happen if Forsburn’s charged clone is parried. The clone produces three smoke clouds, turns into the normal Forsburn color, and gets the ability to make smoke clouds with its side-tilt. While it can still use damaging normals, its behavior changes to match the unempowered clone. Parrying the real Forsburn will also let him produce smoke with his side-tilt, even when the clone is out. Please fix this.
    And while you’re at it, setting the CPU in Training Mode to PARRY with make the CPU Forsburn’s clone constantly parry, even though it can’t parry normally. It’s a minor bug, so fixing it or not won’t change much, but it’s good for you to know at the very least.

  2. You can also see the names of the new achievements if you select “Global Achievements.” Something should probably be done about that.

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